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  4. Wednesday, 11 October 2017
I know I have said it before but it still really hurts seeing SG's ratings that low. Saw The Flash got a high score last night. I know the competition is so tough on a Monday night but I wish it wasn't so. Like all the sport they put on that night and big sporting events always ruin TV shows. So annoying for people like me who have no interest in sport and it always gets in the way of shows.
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I would suggest not fretting over ratings at all. The CW doesnt place the emphasis on ratings as the big 4 networks. The CW has learned to make money outside of the traditional advertising revenue. They make more from streaming sales, dvd sales and international sales.

I often check the cw app to see if there is anything new supergirl related (interviews, montages, etc) and it is nearly always trending on their app. SG is very popular, makes warner brothers (1 of the co-owners of the cw) a but load of money.

try and enjoy the seasons as they come as the show will be airing for quite a few years to come
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