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  4. Sunday, 24 February 2019
Been thinking about how the Red Daughter might come into play for a while now and decided to toss out some possibilities and see what predictions everyone else might have since we have a little time on our hands.

When last we left the Kasnian Kara, her life seemed to be hanging in limbo after some kind of debilitating seizure. Her vigilant Russian comrades had attempted to save her life with a defibrillator which sparked an electrical current strong enough to travel across the seas into the lone RV of a group of small town pill pushing youth. We found out that Kasnian Kara's electrical pulse was able to modify the drugs into a stimulant capable of giving humans Incredible Hulk like features.

From that cliffhanger, my early prediction is that the Russians will be informed by the inside man (*cough Lex cough*) to ship the seriously ill Kasnian Kara to the US for treatment. Likely medical provider - one Lena Luthor. Lena makes a connection or is told of the connection between the incident in which Kasnian Kara's electrical pulse combined with the drugs to give humans strength. And she then concludes that the missing ingredient needed for her own research into creating a meta human drug comes from the biology of one Russian transplanted Kryptonian. Kasnian Kara is then used both as a source to develop more of the necessary drugs and as a weapon. Cue Supergirl.

Even if the show might be a bit slow to roll out the Red Daughter, there's nothing stopping us from getting our own ball rolling. So, Thoughts? Different predictions?

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