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  4. Monday, 11 March 2024
According to my cable box, Melissa Benoist is set to appear to promote Girls on The Bus on The Kelly Clarkson Show this Wednesday. Last time she visited the first American Idol winner was to talk about Supergirl's last season, dinosaurs and other things with Ron and Clint Howard. The show was then airing from Hollywood, but now tapes from 30 Rockefeller Plaza in New York City, which Melissa knows maybe a little more about (perhaps?) then Kelly would.

As the saying goes, check your local listings, but it airs on NBC-owned stations including NBC4 in New York (WNBC) and NBC Connecticut (WVIT)
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Melissa met up again with Kelly Clarkson on today (Wednesday's) show. Joining the two were NBC Sports broadcaster Mike Tirico and NFL Hall of Fame QB Peyton Manning (who hosted the reboot of College Bowl), who were promoting their (and Kelly's) hosting the opening ceremonies of this year's Olympic games in Paris in July on NBC and Peacock.

Kelly brought up the subject of Carole King and Melissa's successful Broadway debut in the Carole King musical "Beautiful."

“It was really full circle - realizing my childhood dream!”

And a few other things, including Girls on the Bus

Melissa dished on how when she was on stage during a performance a few years ago, she said her castmates were acting strange. Of course, that was the time when Carole King surprised Melissa and perhaps the audience as well.

But I think there was a slight fumble on KCS producers. I think they could've done a B-roll of that moment.

The moment Melissa yelled "MOM!" during the excitement...could there have not been anything more wholesome than that?
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