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  4. Tuesday, 29 May 2018
At the weekend my daughter and I met Mehcad and Tyler at Heroes and Villains London, it was our second year running meeting Mehchad, last year he liked my daughters I love Jimmy Olsen t-Shirt so this year we made him one and gift wrapped it in exclusive Jimmy wrapping paper. He was over the moon with it and lept around the desk to give us both big hugs. :D He even gave us a promo CD of his new album.

I asked him if he was coming back for season 4 and he whispered "Spoilers - yeah of course I will be back, I love those guys and the show its so much fun"

Shortly after that we met Tyler and he was great, said he would love to come back as Superman and said he is just waiting for the call, he would be interested in the cross over too. He joked and said the fans find out when he was going to be on it about the same time as he does!

A great day out, lots of Supergirl cosplayers in the crowds and Supergirl merch for sale, one stand was selling awesome Catco posters. I have attached some photos of our day. Enjoy :D
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That’s very cool of Mehcad, I’m sure your daughter is thrilled. Tyler’s probably keeping busy and not just waiting for the show to call.
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