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Super Admin: Great job as always.

Many of us have pointed out at various times what our favourite episodes are, and why. I think Fallen is often highly rated, and you mentioned recently that Midvale is also up there.

Of course, you have your own barometer with the “Make your Mark” section. I would quite like to look back over the results and see which, say, 10 episodes got the best marks, and how the marks compared season on season. (I suppose -for balance- I should also want to know which episodes fared worst, but I don’t!)

I am only smart enough to see the last result, but that is likely to be just me. Is there a way we can look over the earlier results?

(Incidentally, we are usually a few episodes behind in the UK, so I haven’t been able to enter a mark as you have understandably moved on to the more current episode in the US. That is perhaps not a bad thing as I would probably skew all of the marks hopelessly upwards!)
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It's tough picking a Top Ten, but I ended up focusing on the episodes that gave Melissa the greatest opportunities to show the full range of her remarkable talents.

1 - S1 E16 - Falling
2 - S1 E6 - Red Faced
3 - S1 E13 - For the Girl who has Everything
4 - S4 E16 - House of L
5 - S2 E13 Mr and Mrs Mxyzptlk
6 - S1 E7 - Human for a Day
7 - S3 E2 - Triggers
8 - S1 E20 - Better Angels
9 - S3 E9 - Reign
10 - S4 E17 - All About Eve
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maybe have each member put their top 10 down.

I'm happy to start, here's my Top 10 Supergirl episodes with a particular emphasis on being the episodes which I've gotten the most enjoyment from.

1 - S1 E4 - How Does She Do It?
2 - S1 E18 - Worlds Finest
3 - S1 E16 - Falling
4 - S2 E1 - The Adventures of Supergirl
5 - S1 E20 - Better Angels
6 - S4 E16 - The House of L
7 - S1 E7 - Human For A Day
8 - S3 E10 - The Legion of Superheroes
9 - S1 E5 - Livewire
10 - S1 E1 - Pilot
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I think we have done this before, but maybe have each member put their top 10 down. Then glean data from that.
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So I have that data but ... I think somewhere between season 2 and season 3 we went to the star system. All episodes before that have the "Best episode ever" rating system. That could be difficult in skewing the data.
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