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  4. Tuesday, 20 June 2017
From today's USA Today "Life" section:
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Patty is definitely open to it from what I've heard. For the first movie, not only was Lynda's scheduling an issue, but Lynda herself said that she didn't want to do it if it was just for the sake of having her in the film. Smart on her part, as the movie is devoid of cheap gimmicks like that (as much as I wanted to see her in it). One neat thing about the film, to me at least, is that its depiction of Diana is very much an evolution of Lynda's version; it keeps her heart, it keeps her essential goodness, but it gets rid of the hokiness of 70's series TV. That's one thing I was worried about with the recurring depictions in comics and some of the DCAU of Diana as a purely warrior woman, and Patty and Gal nailed it.
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