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  3. Thursday, 14 October 2021
On a lighter note:
Long-time watchers of this show have noticed Katie McGrath's Irish accent occasionally slipping into Lena Luthor's conversations. However, within the context of the show's characters, what if that's not what we've always thought it was?

We all know that, despite being taken in by the Luthors when she was four, Lena has always had a long-held connection to her birth mother, Elizabeth Walsh, and that she recently undertook a quest to finally find out more about her mother. And it turns out that her mother was from Newfoundland.
Over the last 400+ years, Newfoundland has been settled by many different people from various places in Europe, including Ireland. And for some reason, it was that accent that evolved to eventually become the foundation for the 'local' accent characteristic of most Newfoundlanders today.
So if Elizabeth was a native Newfoundlander, then that would have been the accent that she would have been speaking for her entire life. And that means that after she had to flee to America, where she would sooner or later meet up with Lionel Luthor and have Lena, that would have been the accent that Lena would have grown up hearing from her mother.
Being American born and raised, Lena of course would not have the same 'Newfie accent' that her mother had, but having heard Elizabeth speaking that way for all of her young life - up until her mother's tragic drowning death when she was four - then even as an adult, Lena's very strong connection to her mother would still include those memories of how her mother spoke.
So when we occasionally hear Katie slip up a little bit, maybe it's not her Irish accent that we're hearing, but actually is just Lena inadvertently and momentarily mimicking her mother's 'Newfie accent' that she used when speaking to Lena years ago as a young child.

A bit of a stretch? Yes, and kind of frivolous too; especially compared to the many weighty topics and ideas being offered by others lately as to how this show will end in a few more weeks. But in view of how serious that speculation is getting, maybe something a little bit frivolous isn't such a bad thing to offer up right now.

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