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I hope someone who writes or helps produce the show visits this site, listens to the viewers and will knock some sense into whoever keeps putting politics in the show. Stop it already!!!
An alien who is President still has to be a "democrat"? References to "resist" and "make" things "great again".? and the rest of the not so subtle inserts over the past several episodes. The show would still have told a good story without such lines.
I know they must think it is "trendy" to do, but have you seen what has happened to ESPN? They are hemorrhaging viewers, losing profits and just let go 100 on air talents because people turned off politics and sports. ESPN is sagging. If I wanted politics on Monday night at 8pm there are plenty of other shows I can tune in to watch.
I want this show to succeed but this idea of putting politics in is not the way to go. It takes away from the fun of the escapism and putting aside the problems of the real world - even for just an hour. The shelf life of some of those political references won't last too long, but good writing and Superheroics will last forever.
How about just focusing on good story telling that grows Kara as a person and a hero for everybody, fighting the "bad guys" and moving the show forward.
I am hoping part two elevates beyond tonight's episode.
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I agree with your comment. I groaned during some of the scenes tonight. I got a feeling this was filmed right after the election. Look, I love this show but the blatant jabs ruin it for me. Cat Grant has been missed this season, and finally when she comes back she has a speech that was just so ham-handed about "Girl Power" that I nearly stopped watching the episode. Enough already! My message to the producers of the show is to leave the politics out of it. There are great characters on this show. Concentrate on developing stories with these great characters.
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