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  3. Thursday, 06 January 2022
'ello loves! This might be a long shot but does anyone know where to the kryptonian alphabet that is mentioned in this story.
1 - I did not write this. Its by alwaysbringbackup_03
But here is the link to the TOTALLY NSFW story -- Its about Lena and Kara get a tattoo - Its really good.
The image is a screenshot of the relevant part of the story. ( I linked it because it is really good!) I wanted to try and find the author to ask them where they found the kryptonian alphabet they used for this particular part of the story.

Anyways ... if anyone can help I would be greatly appreciated!! ALSO BONUS ... If you have artistic skills and can draw a name for me, I have no issues paying you for that drawing obvs. :) THANKS!
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Here's the Kryptonian alphabet:

Sterling Gates used it a few times in his Supergirl stories. (A couple of times he seemed to imply that Kara was using Kryptonian profanity.)

I have a few comments on this story, though.

1. A Supergirl story should never be NSFW. That's totally out of character for her!

2. Who is Ryan - an original character?

3. How can Kara get a tattoo? Steel needles can't penetrate her skin. Does the tattooist use kryptonite needles?
Just wondering... :D
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