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In the event that I do not win the current contest for the Kotobukiya figure I would like to purchase another Supergirl figure to add to my collection. I currently have the limited edition DC Collectibles figure that I received for my 60th birthday. I have also seen that Icon Heroes will have a Supergirl figure (as seen at SDCC) being released late this year or early next. In the event that I can only afford to purchase one figure does anyone have a recommendation for purchasing either the Kotobukiya or Icon Heroes one? Thanks for any suggestions/help my fellow members can offer!!
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I lean more towards Kotobukiya, because you have a choice of three poses to put the figure in...

  • Hands crossed
  • Hands at side
    Power pose (hands on hips)

And it's great to see this version of Supergirl get her due in the form of statues and action figures. And I sound like a corrupt MP3 file (instead of a broken record!), but I hope Hot Toys will get involved with a 1:6 figure, or Mattel can get something new with Supergirl. Only time will tell.
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