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  3. Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Wonder for how long we will have this hiatus.
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The Flash and Legends have been delayed another week.This week was supposed to be new episodes but were delayed until April 7.Now they've been delayed another week and Crisis is re-airing which is actually a cool idea.I was hoping that if there was a longer hiatus that the CW would re-air the crossover.

I figure the longer hiatus is to stretch out the remaining episodes they have completed.Plus there is the post production issue.The Walking Dead had to bump their season finale until later in the year because even though they finished filming,they couldn't finish post production work on episode 16 so episode 15 will be the last one that will air for now.That's also why they had to bump the new limited series,The Walking Dead:World Beyond" until later in the year too.

Marc Guggenheim.said Legends's 5th season will be finished.
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