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  4. Sunday, 02 December 2018
Though it hasn't thus far been executed well I think having someone infiltrate the Children of Liberty would make for a good story line. (Though if they do they would have to be able to at least pretend to agree with the CoL and keep a low profile, so James is out). This could be a good way for J'onn to do his part by gathering Intel rather than fighting.

There is even precedent for this
There is a story that the Superman Radio show fought the clan, with a storyline called "Clan of the Fiery Cross". Story goes that a man named Stetson Kennedy infiltrated the clan, and then passed the info on to the Superman radio show, so they could strip away the clan's mystique.

They could easily do this in universe, but Jimmy is probably has too high a profile to pull it off. J'onn, Vasquez, or perhaps, Nia would be better. (I would have suggested Kara, but now that Kara Danvers has debated Lockwood on television, that undermines her ability pass as an ordinary CoL member. Also she would have to lie convincingly)

Think about it J'ohn (and possibly Nia, and Vasquez) infiltrate the CoL they gather info on how it is run: recruiting, tactics, rituals, passwords etc. They pass on that info to the police, the FBI, and the DEO as well as the writers of a popular in universe action adventure show, or crime drama.(or possibly several shows so they can reach more people)

The CoL no longer have the same cashe now that people know more about them. Plus the CoL don't have as much in group cohesion, because they can't trust each other. They know that there's a traitor in their midst but they can't figure out who.
This is also where it would pay off to have multiple people infiltrate, if J'onn is caught by the alien sniffing dogs, Nia and Vasquez can continue. (Actually J'onn is bound to be caught by the dogs eventually, so he should probably keep his distance, unless he gathers intel by being taken prisoner, or something.)

Kara can't fight the CoL with super strength alone. She needs to fight their ideals and this could be a way to do it. Plus it gives a wink to the history of the Superman franchise.
So what do you guys think?
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