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  4. Saturday, 02 December 2017
Of course, shows are written in a way to be entertaining and so don't really take the most logical path. But, if they did, the Earth X villain could have won easily with better planning.

Step 1. Breach into Earth 38, or into Earth 1 after/before wedding, subdue and abduct Kara when she is alone. If they cannot beat her immediately, Overgirl could at least quickly breach and take Kara into Earth X for a proper fight. But, at their home turf and surrounded by allies, especially Metallo, Overgirl would win.

Step 2. Murder Kara (horrible, but they would), while on Earth X, and heal Overgirl.

Step 3. Attack and invade Earth 1. With a real army, not a platoon. Now with the advantage of the only Kryptonian, the trio of evil should be able to easily defeat the heroes. In fact Evil Kara can straight up kill Arrow and most of the Legends, and then help RF kill Barry. Assuming Superman doesn't magically appear from E38. But if he does, it will be after the fight, and he would be outnumbered again and killed as well.

Voila, evil victory.
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And instead of restraining her they only needed her alive and awake so they could've paralyzed her and then done it so she couldn't move.
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