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  4. Tuesday, 30 April 2024
The show My Adventures with Superman, a little more adult, mature take on the Man of Steel, will have its second season on Toonami and Max for streamers. And aside from a hairy young Lex Luthor, guess who is joining in? Watch this trailer to find out.

OK, so if you are not fast on the draw to freeze at the proper moment...

YES, it's Kara!

Who voices her? Unknown. Season 2 of “My Adventures with Superman” drops at midnight on Saturday, May 25.
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And now there is a voice for Supergirl.

Screen Rant interviewed "MAwS" showrunner/co-executive producer Jake Wyatt, co-executive producer Brendan Clogher, and co-producer Josie Campbell to discuss the upcoming second season.

During the interview it was revealed Kiana Madeira will be voicing the role of Kara/Supergirl.
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