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  4. Tuesday, 24 October 2017

This was the part that I thought was really cool.

“For me, personally, celebrating where they’ve been, what they’ve done and what they’ve accomplished I think is incredibly important, because I know that it has changed a lot of lives — it’s changed my own life,” Leigh continues. “I’ve gotten so many personal accounts from people saying, ‘You’ve literally saved my sister’s life,’ ‘You’ve saved somebody’s life,’ because we’re giving people an opportunity to connect the dots and put the pieces together, and it starts to make a lot more sense, ‘Maybe I understand my family member a little bit more.’ So just being on that journey, for me, is so incredibly satisfying. Knowing that we are taking part in something that is very, very important means a tremendous amount to a lot of people.”

Despite Lima’s impending exit, Leigh stresses that Alex’s story of discovery is far from over. “That’s the thing: It is another chapter, it really is,” Leigh says. “Alex’s journey is really that she’s still in that moment of Who am I, what do I want, where am I going and how do I get there? Wherever the relationship goes, the biggest thing is understanding that no one is in control of absolutely everything all the time, and we all have to respond and react to whatever comes our way, so she’s in that mode of Where am I right now?”

This is, in the end, Alex's story. Always has been, always will be...what a FANTASTIC story it has been, and will continue to be.

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