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  4. Friday, 17 January 2020
Earlier this week, in fact the day of the crossover 2-hour finale, was the birthday of The Flash himself Grant Gustin...and it was a big one...his 30th. Well, Melissa Benoist, ever the dog lover she is, posted this picture on her Instagram Story of her, in her Super suit having some quality time with Grant's dog Jet...and the reaction is cute beyond cute. In turn she wished Grant a happy birthday. The image is not from her official Instagram, but it made its way around for a little while.

I don't know which is cuter, Melissa's smile or Jet's? Then again, some people on social media think Melissa is a puppy...I mean Kara's reaction to seeing Batwoman make it to Earth-Prime...that was Melissa through and though...and more of I think what we should be seeing.
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Looks like Melissa was more than a little taken with Jet herself! :D
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