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  4. Friday, 21 December 2018
As you guys know, aside from politics, sports, general news, I am a crazy game show fan. Well, Tyler Hoechlin will be appearing on his second game show, after being on Hollywood Game Night. This time, he will join the panel on the current revival of the all time classic "Match Game." The show will air January 9, 2019 on ABC. It's hosted by Alec Baldwin.

SOURCE: Broadway world/TV Scoop

In case you don't know how the show works...

Two contestants try to match the six stars in two rounds of questions with blanks in them.

For example...
"Superman said to Lois Lane...'Lois, I appreciate our times flying together, but for Pete's sake stop tugging on my __________."

The show has been known, as far back as its classic Gene Rayburn incarnation in the 70's for its ribald questions.

Whichever player gets the most matches out of a possible 6 after two rounds, plays Super Match for up to $25,000. The first part is an audience match where a previous studio audience was asked to fill in a blank. The winner picks 3 stars for advice, or they can try an answer on their own. The top answer is worth $5000, the middle is $3000, the bottom is $2000. No matches are worth $1000. Regardless, in part two the head to head, the stakes are five times the dollar amount. The player picks on star, and one final question is shown. The answers must be an exact match (By the way, late in the Rayburn incarnation, the Star Wheel was used to determine which star will play and even if the stakes would be doubled).

If you have a channel called BUZZR on digital TV (9.3 where I live), cable, Dish Network (ch. 245) or even streaming at its website, Amazon Prime, Pluto TV or Twitch, you can check out reruns of Match Game with Gene Rayburn...shag carpet, wild 70's fashion, funky theme music and all.
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He'll own the stage if he is half as awesome as the legendary Charles Nelson Reilly.
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