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  3. Monday, 23 September 2019
There have been many items of late which have been pretty heavy and serious in nature - not a bad thing, by the way - but maybe something a bit lighter couldn't hurt either.
This idea might have already been brought up by someone else in the past; if so, and I missed it, my apologies to the original. However, here it is, either again or maybe for the first time.
There are scenes that happen in all episodes of any TV show that aren't really spectacular, or a crucial event in either that particular episode or in the course of the season's main story arc, but which are nevertheless fun in their own right. Here is an example of one such scene for me:

In Episode 4.19 "American Dreamer" Dreamer follows two men into Al's alien bar at night and finds that Al is offering up his place as a safe refuge for aliens. Moments later, some of Ben Lockwood's deputized Children of Liberty come in, led by Marcus, and they are about to hassle the aliens when Dreamer intervenes to face them. While Al herds the aliens to safety, Dreamer drops to one knee and smashes her fist against the floor, sending her astral-projection shockwave out in all directions. This throws the storm troopers all over the place, and one of them crashes into the juke box which, of course, immediately does what juke boxes always do in movies and TV shows, but which I've never seen one do in real life: it turns on by itself and starts to play, and the tune is (I think) Lenny Kravitz's cover version of The Guess Who's "American Woman". As Marcus and his henchmen look on, and with the bar darkened in low light and 'American Woman' blaring away loudly in the background, the American-born alien Dreamer slowly rises to her feet and stands fearlessly facing a group of suddenly very intimidated men, who quickly retreat.
The scene wasn't a pivotal turning point in that week's show, but the combination of the setting, and especially the music in the background, made it a really fun moment to watch.

Okay, so that's an example of a fun scene which wasn't a crucial moment in the show, but was neat to see anyway. And 'fun scenes' don't have to be a specific moment; they can also be something that you just like to see when it happens from time to time as well; such as when Kara was waiting outside Amertek to meet with Franklin's sister, Edna, and she covertly used her super-strength to foil a purse snatcher who was trying to make his getaway (ironically, in the same episode at the above incident with Dreamer).
So, does anyone else have any fun scenes that they want to talk about here?

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