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  4. Saturday, 25 November 2023
The woman who played Silver Banshee on season 1 of Supergirl...plays a TV reporter looking to be a news anchor (look familiar, somewhat?). But it all could be derailed in the Hallmark Movie "Catch Me If You Claus."

Avery Quinn's shot at anchoring news clashes with a Santa-suited intruder, Chris, who insists he's Santa's son on a first Christmas mission.

Plot seems a bit farfetched, but what does one expect?

Ricci, who is a veteran of Hallmark films, stars alongside Luke McFarlane. Will there be any Supergirl callouts? You may need to tune in. The movie debuted a couple of days ago. But according to Hallmark Channel, it airs at 10:01 PM EST tonight.

In their well-detailed bio on Italia, Hallmark makes mention of Silver Banshee...

Ricci recurred during the first season of “Supergirl,” which aired on CBS, as the love-to-hate villain Siobhan Smythe, otherwise known as Silver Banshee. She is the latest hire by Calista Flockhart’s media mogul Cat Grant. Ricci’s character was first introduced as a workplace adversary for Melissa Benoist’s heroine but later became a much more deadly foe when she takes on the mantle of DC Comics villain Silver Banshee. The character had a five-episode arc.

So, Chyler Leigh has starred in one, Jeremy Jordan has as well, including a Hanukkah film. I think everyone here knows who is next for these Hallmark films.
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