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  4. Tuesday, 28 November 2017
A few weeks ago, Evrafter mentioned reviving a thread that we used to have called Fridge Logic. Doing a quick Google search, a Fridge Logic in a show is a logical inconsistency or plot hole that a viewer might have missed after the initial viewing.

So, to start it off:

After a second watching Pt. 1 of Crisis on Earth-X, I questioned how it is that Oliver was not easily captured or killed. When the Planet X Arrow takes on the resistance members in the opening scene, there were multiple fighters, all with guns. But, I noticed that none attempted to shoot him or get behind something while shooting at him. The same thing happened multiple times throughout the episodes. Then, at the end when he attacked Star-Labs, if there were that many superhero's available at the lab, why did they go at him individually (for the most part). If they would have teamed up (6 against 1), they could have easily defeated him.
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Meh....far too much analyzing for me.....I'm just sitting back and enjoying.
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