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I put this at Off Topic because it involves other female superheroes, not just you-know-who. This Fox Business article looks at the drawing power of female comic book superhero movies.There are many coming down the pike in the next few years including a Supergirl big screen film.

Other highly anticipated films that are in the works with super-powered female leads include “Gotham City Sirens,” “Batgirl,” “Supergirl,” “Silver and Black” and numerous other potential spinoffs, according to entertainment reports from Polygon and Time.

The article then looks at the 7 top superheroine films. And leading things off...

7. Supergirl
The 1984 adaption of “Supergirl” starred actress Helen Slater as Kara Zor-El, Superman’s powerful Kryptonian cousin, and follows the heroine’s adventure on earth. Despite never getting a sequel, Slater has guest appearances in The CW’s “Supergirl” television series as Eliza Danvers (Kara’s adoptive mother) and has voiced various characters in the DC Comics universe.

Now consider this film was a critical flop. I even remember on Entertainment Tonight Leonard Maltin gave the film a "1" out of 10.

The film grossed $14,296,438 in 1984 dollars. I put that number into the inflation calculator online...and it came up with $35,329,539.22. These days that would be a decent perhaps modest OPENING WEEKEND.
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It all depends on who they get as leads....the names being thrown around for Supergirl are pretty meh.
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Yes, it would be a decent opening weekend by today's standards , but the budget for the 1984 film was $35-million. If you did the math with today's figures, it's still a massive loss.

The film had a fine cast of actors and Helen Slater's portrayal was mentioned as one of the very bright spots. Too bad the CW wasn't around back then because they would have ridden this product like a government mule. My how times have changed!

Ironically, I remember seeing it at a local movie theatre in Montreal in November of '84. I was probably one of the very few people who actually PAID to see it! I didn't regret it because at the time, it did something for me and made me a fan of the character (hopefully for life) and compelled me many years later (2007) to pitch a remake/reboot of Supergirl to WB - much of what you see in today's show - especially in the pilot episode - were ideas they incorporated from the ideas I gave them.
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