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  4. Friday, 01 June 2018
OK these aren't based on the TV show, but it's Supergirl nevertheless. The people at Figures Toy Company will soon put out online two figures of the character. One is based on her traditional outfit, the other is a variant never seen in the comics in years. These figures are based on the classic Mego toys from the 1970's.

The Mego Museum, a website dedicated to all things Mego and beyond, has put out a statement for its email subscribers, of which I am (full disclosure)

[T]he World's Greatest Heroes get some help from Supergirl, as FTC is releasing 2 new versions of the popular heroine! The Supergirl From Krypton, clad in her classic blue and red costume, will join forces with the other legendary DC Comics characters that are already available. Another version of Supergirl, based on the story from Superman #123 ("The First Super-Girl";) is also being released! This version features Supergirl in an orange and green costume as seen in reprints of the famous issue, and a different head sculpt than the other Supergirl release.

At FTC's Facebook page are some pictures of the figures.

The Supergirl from Krypton

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Those look like Winn's father made them.....good grief.
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