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  4. Monday, 06 August 2018
We can already see it. Names and speculation are revving up about who could take the role of Kara Zor-El in the movie universe. So that said we want to make a topic for that conversation. We will even cast the first stone. (Before we begin, Melissa Benoist is Supergirl. She has owned the role, earned the role, and inspired a generation with the role! We can NOT be MORE proud or influenced by her portrayal and are consistently in her corner above all else). That said, there is a dynamic of the show that is apparent in the comics that is missed by the show. That would be her age. What would a young girl/woman do with the powers of Superman? Unhindered and raw, she could be stronger than him. Arriving on Earth after he did, Kara Zor-El could have a coming of age story with the complications of being a teenager and also practically being a living god on Earth. That story takes nothing away from the show and also excites us. So that said, here is our first idea. Kara MUST be younger. She must be like Kara was in Midvale and she shouldn’t have control of her powers at all. Comedy, drama, action and sentiment can come from that set up. We were impressed with Kathryn Newton in her role in Paranormal Activity 4. She has a younger look and has headlined movies that give her experience. For that she is our first idea and are excited to hear yours!

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