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I had posted a while back to hopefully have the show runners to introduce another villain for Kara to deal with #LaEncantadora. I could picture #JaneTheVirgin co star #YaraMartinez to be the character. After her good performance as the villain #MsLint on Amazon's #TheTick when I seen her I thought that she would mane a good turn for a DC Superman villain never been seen in animation or TV become a Supergirl rogue for the series. Here's information on the character's history. Lourdes Lucero's father had devoted his life to searching for the mystical "Mists of Ibella", which, when he found them, ultimately drove him insane. He had fought the temptation to succumb to the thrall of the mists and on his deathbed, charged his daughter with disposing of them to protect their family and care for her younger brother. Lourdes felt no need to resist the mists however, and took their container from her father on his deathbed, and used their powers to become La Encantadora.Lourdes understands and speaks both English and Spanish, her native tongue being Spanish.Lourdes has been granted great power by the magical Mists of Ibella which she wears around her neck in a vial. With it, she can manipulate the perceptions of people to such an extent that Superman was affected by fake Kryptonite, despite knowing it wasn't genuine.Ms Martinez would be a great choice for one of the new season 3 villains which I hope Robert Rovener, Jessica Quiller and Andrew Kriseberg will bring to life from the DC archives
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Here's my art of Yara Martinez as LaEncantadora
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