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  4. Sunday, 19 February 2017
This might be wishful thinking as bring back Tyler for this seems unlikely and it doesn't actually look like the writers want James to quit, but if things were going our way how do you guys think Clark Kent will react to his best friend's latest dillusions of grandeur?

James spent more time with Kal-El than his cousin, and those two have a deep friendship that goes way back, unmarred by any romantic entanglements. If he would not listen to Kara, perhaps he would listen to his old pal Superman. Surely Superman would take Kara's side on the matter, he cares about James and has been a hero long enough to know the folly of his choice. He has known James long enough that his opinion might carry weight
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I think Clark would definitely side with Kara on this. I also think he would be better than Kara was at explaining why he shouldnt be a vigilante and how there are many other ways for him to help people. Kara didnt say much beyond "you will hurt yourself because you arent invulnerable," which I think was because her response was mostly fueled by her anger at being lied to by almost everyone about him being Guardian.

I think he would be more inclined to call James out on the fact that his motivations for doing this aren't selfless. Or at least make James really understand the comsequences of what he is doing. He could not only hurt himself but others, innocent bystanders caught up in his pursuit of the bad guys. That is something that Kara and Clark both talk about and think about when they go out to help people. I dont think Clark would appreciate the way he's been begging for people to call him or see him as a hero. He could also appeal to the photojournalist in James. He has the power of a multimedia corporation to make a diference and force change and do good for the people of National City. That is what Cat wanted her company to be. James needs to be reminded of that time Kara didnt have her powers and talked that armed robber out of shooting the store clerk and robbing the store. She didnt beat him up. Didnt use any gadgets or powers. She talked to him. His words could reach so many ppl. If anyone could do that, it would be the reporter Clark Kent.
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