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There has been discussion on this site at various times about which season members prefer. This is my own very unscientific personal analysis.

A little background. I am an IT novice, and recently started using an editing programme, initially for family photos etc. But to get myself proficient in editing videos, my chosen topic was of course our girl. Hours of frustration and error, but at least I was looking at Supergirl. I am still trying to be as good as Ed Wood though!

For the first 3 seasons (not started the 4th yet) I selected clips (including from the crossovers) that I liked, under four headings:
-best scenes (e.g. plane save: Superman fight)
-sisters’ scenes (I like them all)
-light-hearted (e.g. tipsy Kara; Britney Spears on Mars)
-emotional (e.g. Mon-el’s departure; Kara meeting her mother).

Deciding under which headings to include clips was not always straight forward. For example, I put saving Exodus under “best,” but also considered “emotional” and “sisters”! And of course, my selection of which clips to include or exclude was very personal and will inevitably not mirror thoughts of others on this site.

Not a surprise to me though is that only one of the more than 70 clips does not include Kara (Jonn’s reveal to Alex).

My breakdown (by minutes) is in the attached table.

Some interesting results:
-total down significantly in 3rd season over first 2
-most sisters in season 3 (I had not picked up on this beforehand)
-best (mainly big action) scenes reducing season by season (that seems to fit most views here)
-I must be pretty emotional!

Overall, this confirms what I thought. For me, I liked season 1 and 2 about the same, and the 3rd season (mainly the second half) was below that standard.

But my overall, overall conclusion is that I continue to love Supergirl, which remains my favourite programme on TV!!!

Season’s greetings to all.
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Sully: my analysis was almost an afterthought. My original intention was simply to raise my computer skills from terrible, to not quite so terrible (still not there yet). And I am afraid that my competency in maths is almost as low as for computers, so further analysis by weighting is out of the question!

Kiwi: on your first point, I too love the super bits, but I am also happy with pretty much any time Kara is on the screen!

But both your posts have made me think about weighting and re-watchability. I do, sometimes, view my compilations. And I think it is true to say that my “best” and “light-hearted” scenes are the ones I enjoy the most. And of these, I especially enjoy the “best” from season 1, and the “light-hearted” from all 3 seasons. (I think the latter because MB does them so well.)

Thanks for your comments..
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Nice Jtardy, that was an interesting read. Appreciate the time you put into it and for sharing the information with us.

When I compare the seasons I mainly look at 2 things:

1) Supergirl being Super - How many of those moments are there, after all it is what I love the most. Not her fighting ability (which I generally could care less about) but her heroine moments in saving someone or something. On that count Season 1 was the best followed by Season 2, Season 3 was a disappointment but so far Season 4 is bringing some of those moments back which I'm enjoying.

2) Episode rewatchability factor - How keen am I to re-watch episodes. On that count Season 1 (whose episodes I re-watched the most at the time and continue to re-watch today) is far ahead of Seasons 2,3 and 4 which are all about the same.

I can however come to a similar conclusion as yourself in that I still love watching the character of Kara Zor-El a.k.a Supergirl every week.
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Wow! You went in for some deep analysis on this. It's neat how you were able to come up with a mathematical approach to rate the seasons. Off the top of my head, I am pretty sure mine would turn out differently than yours.

I'm just curious, did you give any thought to putting a different weight for each category based on what you deemed as most important? For example, if you thought that the "best scene" criteria was more important than the "light-hearted" factor, then you would weigh it higher, assigning more points (%) to scenes that fell in that category. If so, the results might have averaged out differently.
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