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  4. Tuesday, 09 August 2022
TV Line reports Supergirl's adopted sister Alex Danvers is going to co-star with Andie MacDowell in a new Hallmark Channel series called The Way Home. And it contains a little bit of something Alex did. (Note the bold).

The show is a family drama about three generations of women who make up the Landry family, and it contains a time-travel twist.

Leigh will play Kat Landry, a newly divorced and recently laid off single mom who moves back to her small Canadian farm town of Port Haven after receiving a letter from her estranged mother Del (MacDowell) urging her to return home. Her 15-year-old daughter Alice isn’t happy about moving, and the family reunion isn’t what Kat had pictured.

It's slated to air next year.
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Per TVLine The Way Home will primer on Hallmark Channel at 9/8 central on Sunday, January 15. There a short trailer imbedded in the article.
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