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  4. Tuesday, 30 January 2024
Pardon the last-minute news, but tonight on Fox, Robbie Amell and Italita Ricci (AKA Firestorm and Silver Banshee) get a chance to play the greatest game of musical IQ...NAME THAT TUNE. For the last two seasons, the reboot of the classic game, which dates back to the 1950's, hosted by actress and singer Jane Krakowski along with Randy Jackson as the leader of the N-T-T band, has had celebs play the game for charity for chance to win money for charity.

Three games are featured on the show...the first is a rotating one, but this fan remembers Melody Roulette, where either the late great Tom Kennedy in the 70's or Jim Lange in 1984 spun two wheels to determine the value of songs.

Game two is the show's icon...Bid-A-Note where Jane as the host reads a clue to a tune and contestants bid against each other as to how few notes from a maximum of 10 it would take to name that tune.

In each game contestants play for money, with the person winning the most cash keeping their bankroll and going to the final round...the other player getting $10,000 for their charity. That final round is the Golden Medley...7 tunes played by the band in 30 seconds. If you know the tune, hit the buzzer to stop the clock. the first six tunes add $10,000 to the player's bankroll. Get all 7...$100,000.

Name That Tune lasts for one hour with two sets of two celebs playing the game. Expect Robbie and Italia to play during the second half of the show.

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