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  4. Thursday, 13 July 2017
The 2017 Emmy nominations were released today and again there seems to be an inherent snub against genre shows. The CW shows (including Supergirl) have gotten strong reviews and social media buzz but have not broken through with Emmy voters. Does anyone think these great Superhero TV shows will ever be taken seriously and make an impact at the Emmys? The folks that work hard both on and off screen for these shows should get the recognition that they deserve.
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Ideally, yes. Realistically, no.

Unless the storylines, scripting, FX and overall cohesion are air-tight, superhero shows will continue to be viewed as interesting attractions but not Emmy-worthy. TV is a very fickle and quirky business and shows that seem to deserve certain awards (such as Emmys) get shut out in favour of more conservative (read: "safe" ) selections. It also happens in movies as well (read: Academy Awards ).

High dramas (e.g. police procedurals, action/adventure and topical shows) usually get a hard look and fair consideration for Emmy contention. Sitcoms also get a good look because of their general, non-threatening and wide viewer appeal. However, superhero shows are usually left in the cold because they don't necessarily fit into a neat and tidy little social box and are more often that not considered to be too niche or juvenile to be taken seriously. What should be considered for nomination is more often than not overlooked until there is a sufficient groundswell among the viewing public and a shift in social tastes. Such is life.
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