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  4. Tuesday, 30 January 2018
Let's run down the list:
Kara, her best friend is Supergirl.
Her boyfriend, Jimmy is The Guardian.
Sam, a friend she has known for years, is Reign. (To be fair, Sam doesn't know she is leading a double life, but none the less she is leading a double life)
And Alex, her friend that works for the 'FBI' actually works for the DEO.

In the episode 'For Good' Lena decides to embrace her 'Luther' traits and use them "for good".
She also tells Kara that the only reason she was able to do that is because of her friends.

So now the question is what happens when she realizes that everyone she is close to, is hiding something?
Will she even let on that she knows? Or is she too cunning for that?

Will she still be determined to do good? Or Will she be swayed to the dark side?

I think she will ultimately end up on the side of good, though she might make a temporary detour into evil.

What do you guys think?
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