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That deleted scene that was shown here in the forum, made me think that Alex has even more emotional problems than is shown on the show. One person commented on youtube that Alex may have Atelophobia - or a fear of being imperfect. And I fully agree with this diagnosis. She seems to think she has to prove to everyone, all the time, that she must be an absolutely perfect person or that she must be at least equal to her overpowering sister. And as she obviously can not get to that level, the result is a chronic depression, which is leading her to alcoholism.
What do you think?
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It makes sense. And, I have a feeling that this might become part of a story line at some point down the road. It would make for compelling viewing and would expand the actors' ranges when dealing with this topic. At the very least, I would hope that the PTB (writers and producers) would have the foresight to explore it when the time is appropriate (as part of a larger story arc). ;)
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