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  1. Stewart Tick
  2. Supergirl General Discussion
  3. Tuesday, 10 January 2017
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Here's a real collector's item - the cover of Action Comics #64, in excellent condition, too!
It would sell for more than $2000 US dollars today:


This is the issue that introduced one of Superman's (and later Supergirl's) most persistent enemies - the Terrible Toyman :D
This is what he originally looked like :)
I'm willing to bet he'll find a way to break out of prison again before too long. He just needs to find some more powerful "toys" to threaten Kara with next time. Maybe a bomb like the ones Max Lord built, or a giant Tesla coil that could rival LiveWire's electrical output :p
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Kiwi Accepted Answer
Like it Stewart, he even looks like Henry Czerny (or Henry looks like him especially with those glasses).

Hope to see Toyman again, Henry was superb in the role and it bought the best out in Jeremy Jordan as well.
Stewart Tick Accepted Answer
Now here's a pretty big Tesla coil - that's what I'm talking about :D
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