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Supergirl and all the other CW shows now have a new home in the birthplace of Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster...Cleveland, Ohio.

Since 2007, WBNX-TV 55 licensed to Akron, has been the Cleveland market's CW station after being the WB station there. Well as of yesterday, the more powerful and established WUAB-TV 43, owned by Raycom Media, is now CW43.

WUAB is a sister station to CBS affiliate WOIO-TV channel 19, which aired the first season of Supergirl. Prior to being a CBS station, WOIO was at one point and independent rival of WUAB before it joined Fox. And, WOIO did air the George Reeves classic TV show.

Also, 43's legendary announcer and personality Marty Sullivan, had a character called "Superhost" who did the station's Saturday Afternoon movies and Three Stooges reruns from about the 1970's till 1989.

This year marks WUAB-TV's 50 year of broadcasting. And the WUAB call letters mean United Artists Broadcasting, its first owners.
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A minor clarification: Joe Shuster was born and raised in Toronto, Canada and moved to Cleveland with his family and met up with Jerry Siegel early in his youth. Shuster later became a naturalised U.S. citizen.

Nonetheless, and not to spoil the good news reported by Robert, Cleveland was indeed the launch point for Superman.
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