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Here's a Supergirl story I wrote a few years back that I thought you might like, because the characters are based on real people. Yes, the high school that Kara went to in her Earth hometown of Midvale is based on my own school in Florida. The principal and two assistant principals of the school are based on the real-life principal and assistant principals of my school at the time!
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A question that I've gotten a few times from readers is about the "Supergirl Phone" line in my stories (based of course on Commissioner Gordon's Batphone line). If Kara Danvers is a well-known local journalist, who is seen on TV quite often (with her friend Donna Storm), why don't the National City Police Dept. officials recognize her voice when they call on the Supergirl Phone? It's really pretty simple - Winn has configured the encrypted phone line he set up to run through a voice-distorting software program. So on the Supergirl Phone, Kara's real voice is unrecognizable. It just sounds totally "generic", with no identifiable features or accent at all.
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