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  4. Friday, 01 January 2021
Well, friends. This is it.

Unless the 6th and Final season is delayed even further than imagined, we will be getting our very final episodes of Supergirl, this year, 2021.

I know we've got 20 episodes left (supposedly), but it just feels like we're getting far too close to the end. It's been a wild ride, following this show, with lots of ups and downs.

I'm not the only one who's been hard on the show in recent years, but all of those criticisms come from a place of adoration for the show, wanting to see the full potential of this show realized, with it's absolutely amazing lead and a stellar supporting cast.

I merely hope that this final season surpasses all expectations, and blows our minds in the best ways possible.

I'm also hoping we get some BTS teasers soon, with Melissa returning to work, this month.

I'm absurdly nervous to see what the final season of this show has to offer. And regardless of the debates we've had, it's been a great pleasure to have found this site and gone on that journey with all of you.

If you'd have told me even 7 years ago that we'd not only get a live action Supergirl tv show brought to series, but it would run for 6 seasons, I would have called you crazy.

So...regardless of wanting it to run longer to match Arrow or The Flash's run...regardless of the highlights and lowlights and the tough critiques...the fact that we got this show, and got it for as long as we did, is a gift.
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I'm sad to see the show go.This feels for me like when Buffy The Vampire Slayer ended in 2003 for me.Supergirl has become my favorite series in the Arrowverse and I do love the other Arrowverse and DC TV shows.I think Supergirl became my favorite of the Arrowverse shows because of the characters and the actors playing them.Some of the other Arrowverse shows may have some better seasons at times but I just love the characters so much.They feel like a family.I think The Flash would be a close second for me as my second favorite Arrowverse show for the same reasons as Supergirl.

It's sort of a double whammy for me because Black Lightning is ending too.But I'm more emotionally involved in Supergirl.But it is a downer to be losing two great shows in the Arrowverse.

I am glad we are getting a 20 episode final season though and they are ending under their own power so I'm just going to try to enjoy this last season and not let the sadness of the show ending get to me at this point.I me feel it more when filming wraps in August and the week of the series finale though.

I look at this as a gift that we knew plenty in advance the show was ending and under its own power and assume they will have designed this to be a great close to the series.
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Oh, it's been a great ride and I learned so much from you guys about the comics and general history of these type of shows.
All I want from the final season is that they let Melissa loose. You got the Bazooka, shoot it already, for Christ sake!

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All very true. Given that fact that the show has gone on for as long as it has (no one was really predicting it would get to Season 2, let alone Season 6), is a blessing.

Like you, I have been harsh about certain aspects of the show (too many points to mention), but have very much enjoyed the fact that this character has been brought to our TV screens in the way that is has / is / was.

Kudos go to the actors and crews for pulling off excellent work despite challenging circumstances (be it the pandemic, weak scripting, personnel changes, executive miscues, etc.) and for this, I am very grateful.

The dedication and hard work has paid off and despite certain areas of contention regarding the show's direction and storylines, it has been a pleasure to have this show offered to the public for the last few years.

The cast and crews can rest assured that their work has been well noticed and it will continue to stand them in good stead as they move forward in their respective careers and future projects.
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