Fort Rozz Sneak Peeks

Tonight is another all new episode of Supergirl! This is the second of four that we will get in 2018 before the nine week break coming in February. That said, something about this episode already feels amazing! As we learned in last week's episode, Kara is back and has welcomed her human side to integrate with her Kryptonian side. Because of that, the lighthearted and smiling Kara that we all know and love is here. You can tell she is back with her jovial attitude in this first sneak peek at tonight's episode featuring Livewire and Psi!

We'll add more sneak peeks and or inside looks as they become available here. Let us know what you think of the sneak peek in the comments below as well as the forum. Keep us advertisement free and visit the support page!

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#8 RE: Fort Rozz Sneak PeeksKelly 2018-01-22 15:58
Looks like we gettin only one sneak peek this week.
#7 RE: Fort Rozz Sneak PeeksRomulus 2018-01-22 15:10
Very nice. I hope the episode lives up to its billing. Should be fun to see Brit Morgan as Livewire again and The ensemble looks pretty kick-a$$ to me. Only a little while longer to go before show time. ;-)
#6 RE: Fort Rozz Sneak PeeksRobertAnthony 2018-01-22 14:53
And in it, I'm glad to hear the genius of Blake Neely as the unlikely fab four struts towards the screen with Supergirl she should. That was the safe way, and I am glad for that. Instead they could have gone for some female empowerment stuff like Pat Benetar's "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" (1980) or Heart's "Straight On."(1978) Besides it would've also lowered the impact of the scene on a more technical scale of things.

"99, but you ain't one." Sounds like the line of the night...thank goodness it was cleaned up from the original rap song.

All I can say is with Psi and Livewire...I "predict" that "sparks" will fly!
+2 #5 RE: Fort Rozz Sneak Peeksjacksc01 2018-01-22 12:31
I am looking forward to tonight's episode. Would have been nice to see Alex but I realize that a mere human is no match for Reign. Just can't wait to see how they make out against Reign. Also happy to see the lightheartedness coming back into the show.
#4 RE: Fort Rozz Sneak PeeksSuperMatt 2018-01-22 11:49
Quoting DraftingDrafter:
I never knew how much I missed Livewire until now. Her one-liners are gold!

Very interesting too, wonder if she will put two and two together and realize why Winn is now working at the DEO too since she used to work at CatCo.

Also I see I was right about her coming in of her own free will.
+1 #3 RE: Fort Rozz Sneak PeeksDraftingDrafter 2018-01-22 11:01
I never knew how much I missed Livewire until now. Her one-liners are gold!
#2 RE: Fort Rozz Sneak PeeksKelly 2018-01-22 10:18
Team up to kick some arse.....cannot wait!
#1 RE: Fort Rozz Sneak PeeksKiwi 2018-01-22 10:01
Fun clip. This episode definitely promises to be entertaining. Loved the walk out at the end and the close up of the S.

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