First Look at Midnight in Season 5 Teaser

Less than a month away! Supergirl will be airring on their new time slot Sunday October 6th at 9pm following Batwoman! An epic two hour Sunday night event for Arrowverse fans to enjoy! We hope you'll join us as we cover both shows live with our sister site Promotional efforts are picking up for the shows as well. If you didn't catch it, we added 15 new images to thw premiere gallery earlier today. Additionally a quick 10 second teaser has dropped and you can get your first look at Midnight in it! She looks pretty evil and her energy blasts make us think of a reverse Dreamer feel! Check it out below:

Let us know what you think of the teaser in the comments below and in the forum! Keep us advertisement free and visit the support page!

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#4 M1DN1GHTCatPat 2019-10-02 16:03
Is Midnight Lena's creation M1DN1GHT? Do we have confirmation?
+1 #3 RE: First Look at Midnight in Season 5 TeaserRomulus 2019-09-10 18:14
Thanks for posting this. 8)
+1 #2 RE: First Look at Midnight in Season 5 TeaserLibertyPrime 2019-09-10 17:24
Looks like a good old fashioned supervillain! 8)
+1 #1 RE: First Look at Midnight in Season 5 TeaserKaraD 2019-09-10 15:36
Wow! Even the teaser looks amazing. I think the marketing department is doing a great job. I already see and feel a big change from last year in the sense that they are really promoting Supergirl and Kara. This teaser (and the promo gallery) is the proof that you can show the star of the show without revealing to much. They got me very intrigued and even more excited about the upcoming season! 26 days!!!

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