Final Crisis on Infinite Earths Trailer

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday break! We are one week into the new decade and the only really countdown that has been on our minds is the one to the last two episode of Crisis on Infinite Earths! Today, rather appropriately, Stephen Amell himself broke the news with the final trailer for Crisis! The trailer is a little over a minute and a half long and features some very familiar and needed faces@ Check out the trailer for yourself below and get the tissues and popcorn ready. Executive Producer for The Arrow Beth Schwartz says "we aren't ready for this"!

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#9 RE: Final Crisis on Infinite Earths Trailervantheman77 2020-01-13 11:35
If you look at the heroes standing side-by-side, half of them are from Earth-38 while the other half from Earth-1.
#8 RE: Final Crisis on Infinite Earths TrailerMayaSky 2020-01-13 09:38
So happy with the presence of Alex for the final fight. Unfortunately, I find the special effects quite horrible. It is far too easy to distinguish the actors from the liners.
#7 RE: Final Crisis on Infinite Earths TrailerKelly 2020-01-13 08:04
I doubt we will see Lynda Carter or Helen Slater, unless Helen is playing mom as usual. Wonder Woman has never been mentioned in any of the shows, even in passing...nor have we even had mentioned other Supergirls.

This trailer looks great. Can't wait for tomorrow night.
+2 #6 RE: Final Crisis on Infinite Earths TrailerRobertAnthony 2020-01-12 03:24
Well, all I can say is...bring on Tuesday!
+3 #5 RE: Final Crisis on Infinite Earths Traileraragorn 2020-01-11 20:21
Wow look at this. The visual effects looks breathtaking. Epic scale on this crossover.
#4 Is it Tuesday yet?CatPat 2020-01-11 19:25
I can't wait! Do we see Supergirl in her original costume as rumoured? How will Stargirl's cameo fit in? Will we see Lynda Carter? Will we get an older Supergirl via Helen Slater? Was that the Martian Manhunter? We've been getting too much J'onn Jones human form due to cgi costs. So many questions. Answers will soon be here.
#3 RE: Final Crisis on Infinite Earths TrailerRomulus 2020-01-11 18:39
Looks kinda decent. Maybe I'll tune in to watch. ;-)
+2 #2 RE: Final Crisis on Infinite Earths Trailerjacksc01 2020-01-11 17:12
This ending looks epic. I am very excited to see how this crossover ends. I was very happy to see the SuperGirl Team fighting especially Alex and Martian Manhunter. It was also nice to see Superman back by SuperGirl's side. I can honestly say that all the Superheroes were given time to be an integral part of this crossover. That is what helped to make this crossover so good and so different - all the superheroes were shown to be important - it really does make a difference.
+2 #1 RE: Final Crisis on Infinite Earths TrailerKaraD 2020-01-11 13:05
Yessssss! So glad Alex is there to fight alongside her sister.

Can't wait but I'm even more excited for what's to come on Supergirl after crisis.

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