Final Crisis on Infinite Earths Gallery

TOMORROW!!! Finally, it feels like it's been a year. We are finally going to see how Crisis on Infinite Earths is going to come to a close. Episode synopses and galleries have been sparse in order to preserve some of the amazing conclusions that we've been waiting for. To that end, we are only getting five images from the final episode. A few things can be for sure. 1: the heroes are on some kind of Earth, 2: Supergirl, Flash, Heatwave and Atom are working together, and 3: there is some worry on their faces! Check out the images below:

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#3 RE: Final Crisis on Infinite Earths Galleryaragorn 2020-01-14 08:36
I cant wait for tonight
#2 RE: Final Crisis on Infinite Earths GalleryRomulus 2020-01-13 18:46
Very nice! Thanks for posting the shots here! :-)
#1 RE: Final Crisis on Infinite Earths GalleryLibertyPrime 2020-01-13 15:33
How--sparse a gallery. Gotta hand it to the marketing people. They are keeping the cards close to the chest!

Love the first shot. My three favorite Arrowverse characters. :-)

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