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It's time to get Supergirl out of the Phantom Zone! After Brainy and Nia were able to get the DNA off of the Kryptonite rock young Kara hit, they have a homing beacon to help find her in the maze that is the Phantom Zone. This feels like a season finale within a season, we know that there will be thirteen more episodes after next week but there definitely feels like this is closing a chapter. While last week, we got to enjoy Chyler Leigh's directorial debut, this week we welcome back David "Money" Harewood to the director's chair. He'll be doing double duty as he directs and acts in the episode! Will this episode set us up for the final thriteen episodes or will it end with Kara free from her nightmare? Check out the gallery below:

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#8 RE: Fear Knot Gallerysuperbill 2021-05-10 08:28
[quote name="jacksc01"One thing I do notice in the pictures is that SuperGirl has the Phantom marks on her neck - which isn't a good thing.

This has me wondering about Kara's fate, short term. If my understanding is correct, the phantoms do not have regenerative powers in the PZ, but they do have them on earth. So if Kara has been scratched on the neck, will she begin to transform once returned to earth? That's a scary prospect! I'd just as soon leave the phantoms behind and move on.
#7 RE: Fear Knot GalleryBrierrose 2021-05-05 22:11
So Zor-El survived the destruction of the anchor but he should still have a broken leg. Keep in mind folks that the production stills released are carefully chosen not to reveal too much. For instance where’s M’gann I can’t think she would leave before Kara’s home, I wonder if Sharon Leal had other obligations. The synopsis for this episode is very short too which can also mean there’s a lot they’re not saying.
#6 RE: Fear Knot Galleryaragorn 2021-05-05 22:04
Wow this ep looks Amazing the promo too promises a lot. What an excellent episode to go on hiatus on until Aug 24th. Its like they couldn’t have planned it better
#5 RE: Fear Knot GalleryCatPat 2021-05-05 20:46
I will miss the Phantom Zone but I think wrapping up an arc in 7 episodes is good pacing. The photos look great.
#4 RE: Fear Knot Gallerykdogg87 2021-05-05 18:06
Another gallery where Supergirl is the least featured character. Literally every other lead character is in more shots than her.

Still excited for the episode, but I'm really ready for this show to be about Supergirl, again.
#3 RE: Fear Knot GalleryRomulus 2021-05-05 17:14
Lovely shots! Thanks for posting them here. 8)
#2 RE: Fear Knot Gallerycomic fan 2021-05-05 16:05
Supergirl's 'phantom' eyes are pretty creepy.
#1 RE: Fear Knot Galleryjacksc01 2021-05-05 15:36
Nice to see the gallery up. Dreamer sure does seem to be in enough of the pictures. You would think after the last two episodes the producers/writers would like to also increase the frequency of the other stars since they too are heroes to viewers. Hopefully their frequency in pictures and episodes will increase now that Melissa (SuperGirl) is back.

One thing I do notice in the pictures is that SuperGirl has the Phantom marks on her neck - which isn't a good thing. I do hope they don't leave us in a climax at the end of the episode. Whenever they do that, when we come back they have written out all of the parts viewers were hoping to see. (i.e. When Reign defeated SuperGirl and SuperGirl was in the med bay dying - when we came back after a break, Brainy had been awakened and SuperGirl was already in a tank healing. All the in between parts which many would like see -were missing).
For this episode coming up, I would love to hear Kara say something to Alex like "you came for me." and Alex saying "Always."

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