Faran Tahir Plays Commander

Well look at who's batting 1000! We sent out a rumor two nights ago that Faran Tahir would be joining the cast. What we didn't know was if he was going to be a guest star or full time regular, and to that end, what part he is playing. Today we know that Faran Tahir is going to take the part of the "Commander". This role is described as:

An alien military expert leading the forces aligned against Supergirl.

Well this answers a lot. Before we continue lets put up a SPOILER WARNING!! If you've been to our spoilers page, you know that the villain, The Lumberjack, has a scene with an unknown commander or shadowy figure. Well now with this information, we think we know who The Lumberjack is talking with! Now we just need the roles of The Lumberjack and Young Kara cast as we'll have all known characters filled!

What a great get, we are big fans of Faran Tahir from his work on Star Trek (2009) and Iron Man! What do you think, is this a good villain? Comments below!

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