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Here we are again! Time for the second installment of this season and the second Sunday for Supergirl! Tonight's episode picked up right where we left off last week. The President of the United States was outed as an alien and the repercussions have started to escalate. If that wasn't enough, Lena is faced with a very difficult attack on a major L Corp property which inadvertently causes a big issue for Brainy! Alex and the DEO start to monitor the escalating situation which leads to some major revelations! Here's what stood out to us:

  1. American Flag: We can think of several iconic comic book covers that feature Superman and or Supergirl next to or holding an American flag. It was time we got to see it on the show as well! When the rioters break into a fight, Supergirl flies in and her very presence causes calm. Supergirl calls for discussion rather than action.
  2. President Resigns: As the President resigns, Alex and Supergirl discuss the growing concerns over the anti-alien movement. Alex even breaks up a fight between two DEO agents.
  3. Mercy Breaks into L Corp: Mercy breaks into L Corp and murders an employee to get access to a laptop from the company. When she returns to Agent Liberty's lair, she finds him worrying about the hope that Supergirl can inspire. It's at this point that Mercy reveals she has Kryptonite! Agent Liberty realizes that if they kill Supergirl, she could become a martyr but Mercy has an idea for chaos!
  4. Image Inducers Fail: When Brainy goes to the Pizza restaurant, he runs into Nia who is in desperate need of coffee. Brainy's conclusion was that getting everyone at the DEO pizza would help calm nerves. However, once Brainy goes to pay for the Pizza, his image inducer is turned off and the Pizza employees threaten him with violence. Nia heroically steps in and tells the men to back off.
  5. Nia Talks to James: Right after the attack, Nia marches right into James' office and asks him to write the editorial. She tells him that she is a transgender woman and that she knows about oppression. She is asking James to hold up a mirror to the world using the paper. James feels that the paper needs to wait to make sure that they are unbiased.
  6. Kara, Lena and Eve fight through L Corp: This was an amazing scene! It has a little bit of everything! Lena being awesome, Kara being nerdy while using her powers and Eve showing off her amazing knowledge! Lena's stand-off with Mercy was honestly the best fight scene we've seen with her. We felt it was only topped when Supergirl blew the door off the hinges and super-speeds to catch Mercy.
  7. Supergirl Takes to TV: Much like she did in season 1, Supergirl asks for time on the networks to address fear. Supergirl's unique situation, being that she looks human but is an alien, and her actions saving the planet time and time again, allows her to reach out to both sides and try to fix the worsening situation. We are given reactions from several of the characters, but it's agent Jensen that stands out. He is starting to think that the Graves siblings might be right.
  8. Supergirl Welcomes President Baker: Supergirl makes her claim that she supports the President, whoever that might be. She is able to meet with President Baker in the White House and give him her support. President Baker is then sworn in.

Final wrap up items, Jensen breaks out the Graves siblings and J'onn discovers Agent Liberty giving a big gathering a lecture on Earth first. The episode culminates with the Graves using the same system Supergirl used in season 2 to line the Earth with lead. Kryptonite is spread through the atmosphere and Kara falls to Earth.

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#45 RE: Fallout RecapEire El 2018-11-01 02:40
Nia's sudden boost of courage to talk to James makes perfect sense if you take into account that Kara's Cat Grant style pep talk occurred inbetween that and Nia's initial fear of speaking up at the staff meeting. It also demonstrates Kara's ability to influence people away from their fears.

Quoting SuprgrlFn:

Don’t get me started about meek little Nia suddenly having the guts to approach James and try talking him into an editorial. I actually think a fair minded editorial from James would be a good idea, but the idea of a newbie virtual intern being the catalyst is, again, forced - in this case, forced in order to give the writers a reason for Nia to come out as transgender.
#44 Great episode!Constance 2018-10-26 13:57
Loved this episode also. Loved the multiple ingenious ways the writers had Kara stop the villains at Lena's lab and Melissa's various facial expressions "hiding" behind Lena as she faced Mercy, trying to figure out a way to leave the room. Love to see more of these ingenious ways of using her powers, either disguised as Kara, or as Supergirl.

Love all of Nia's scenes; what a gem!

I don't care if there are plot holes; it 's all for fun.

I didn't get why Lena gave Eve, Kara, and herself earplugs, which Kara promptly put in her pocket. I guess by then the "sonic weapon" had stopped making noise? Why even show that bit in the episode?
+1 #43 RE: Fallout Recapevrafter 2018-10-25 20:04
Anyone else noticing that Katie's American accent is getting better? She seems to jarble her words less, and her Irish accent seems less pronounced. Some words still have that Irishness to them. But, she's getting better. *applause*
#42 RE: Fallout Recapmuckle9999 2018-10-24 09:59
In season 2 Alex came out and declared that she is a Lesbian which is fine. In season 4 Nia came out and revealed to James that she is a transgender which is also fine. My question is, where the gay men at? Is that for season 6?
+2 #41 RE: Fallout RecapKaraD 2018-10-24 09:15
Quoting starlord:

I saw forshadowing of Lena becoming evil here too. Mercy saying Lena hasnt tried killing and will like it if she does. Also again it is known Lena keep Lying to Kara about her inventions and Mercy stole the kryptonite from Lena that brought Kara down. Will most likely also have an after affect

I tought Mercy got the kryptonite on the dark Web before breaking into Lena's lab. I do hope though that Lena sees the effect the kryptonite has on Supergirl (whether she knows she's Kara or not) and that she gets angry with Mercy and seeks revenge. That's how I see Lena having a darkside meaning she will stop at nothing to protect the people she cares about. Like blackmailing the D.A. to get James' accusations dropped. I think it's more interesting to see baddies using their wits.
+2 #40 RE: Fallout Recapstarlord 2018-10-24 08:28
I dug the episode very much loved to see scenes Kara using her powers While trying to hide being Supergirl. Just like in Superman Movies. We need more of that. I do not see the episode as too politic at all the whole hate against mutants is an ongoing Factor in x-men Movies too. Here it also makes sense that there is some people hating on aliens. These people have watched Non, Astra, Daxamites, world killers all destroy Earth a bit. And the usual foes Kara was up against too. Also Agent Of Liberty is a truly menacing villain and calculated too in what he does.
I saw forshadowing of Lena becoming evil here too. Mercy saying Lena hasnt tried killing and will like it if she does. Also again it is known Lena keep Lying to Kara about her inventions and Mercy stole the kryptonite from Lena that brought Kara down. Will most likely also have an after affect.

All in all a very good episode and next episode looks even better seeing Agent of Liberty origin meeting Kara before he got consumed with hate towards her and likely aliens too. Such an interesting story they have here.
+1 #39 RE: Fallout RecapSupergirl_peril 2018-10-23 18:14
Quoting KET1:
Quoting Supergirl_peril:
I love this show, and never want it to end. The quickest way for the writers to kill the show is to make it too political.

Total fallacy. The show appears to be gaining renewed attention thanks to the timely nature of its focus on current events presently dividing society. Comics and science fiction at its best have often dared to reflect and comment on events and attitudes that are shaping the world around us....a classic example being stories of the Golden Age Superman, which in their day tackled subject matter such as spouse abuse, drunk driving, corrupt government officials, unjust imprisonment, and even disarmament. In a similar, reflective manner, today's Supergirl TV series is carrying on a time-honored legacy of what has been published before.

I don't wish to argue, I hope you are right. It may be a product of where I live, Northern VA, which is right outside of DC. I am so sick of politics I can't take any more. I just want to enjoy my favorite show, but it was for me less appealing with the political overtones.
+3 #38 RE: Fallout Admin 2018-10-23 17:34
Been doing a little moderating. Nothing big, but remember to be respectful about all topics. It’s very appreciated.
+1 #37 RE: Fallout Recapsuperbill 2018-10-23 17:29
Quoting SuprgrlFn:
Maybe try to talk to people about their fears.

I am going to try to avoid taking a side in this controversy, other than to say that I think one of the points of this episode is to lay the groundwork for Supergirl to be exactly the voice of reason you suggest, as was portrayed in the scene where she stopped the riot at the White House. For that to work and have dramatic impact it really is necessary to portray a sharp conflict between the sides. Otherwise she is just moderating a minor spat instead of being a true unifier.
#36 RE: Fallout RecapStewart Tick 2018-10-23 17:27
"The show is taking place in a metropolitan center, the likes of which are known for their diversity and liberal-minded people. Even if “pizza guy” had issues with aliens, he wouldn’t be so blatant about it."

Yes, and don't forget - National City is in *California*, probably the most politically liberal ("bluest") state in the US!

"There is no way that Lena doesn’t know that Kara is Supergirl. It was so obvious."

Yes, I've been getting the same impression. Lena knows that Kara = Supergirl, but like Cat Grant, she's just decided to keep that knowledge to herself, and play along. And the writers are dropping little hints of Lena's "hidden knowledge" here and there, like they did with Cat Grant.

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