Elseworlds Part 2 Promotional Trailer

Tonight was incredible! The only thing to make it better is to bring Batwoman into the mix and tomorrow that is exactly what we are going to get! After Superman, Supergirl, Arrow and Flash were able to defeat Amazo, Cisco was able to vibe on The Monitor to find out where he was and what is affecting reality. The Monitor was able to speak to Vibe through his powers. Oliver, with Barry's powers, quickly drew what he saw and the team was left with one clue, Gotham! Check out the trailer for tomorrow's episode below:

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#1 RE: Elseworlds Part 2 Promotional Trailerjacksc01 2018-12-10 02:00
Okay, I have to say I was very happy with this 2nd episode. SuperGirl had a prominent role in it and of couse the chemistry between her, Flash and Arrow was very well done. I also must say that at first before last night's episode, I had no interest in Batwoman but after last night's episode I am looking forward to her series also. I really loved the chemistry between her and SuperGirl and I think they would make a very fantastic team and it would be nice to see an episode with these two Superheroes saving the day. Excellent 2nd episode last night.

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