Elseworlds Finale Sneak Peek

Supergirl fans know that the biggest reality shifting that could happen to Kara is having her sister not be the loving and caring force that she is. Now that reality has been rewritten again, it looks like that is just what has happened in the newest reality twist. Alex, working for a new un-named agency is holding Kara captive and Killer Frost seems to be in league with her. With the new black-clad Superman now holding the world in his grasp, getting Kara back into the fight is going to be key! Check out this sneak peek at tonight's Elseworld finale below:

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+2 #5 RE: Elseworlds Finale Sneak PeekZendar 2018-12-11 15:15
Winn is dating Pam from HR? Yet more proof this universe is messed up. Last season, Pam tried to kill him. :lol:
#4 RE: Elseworlds Finale Sneak PeekOmarJT82 2018-12-11 14:59
That is NOT Earth-38 Alex Danvers!

THAT is a dark Earth-1 forgery concocted by John Deegan!!!
#3 Elseworlds Finale Sneak PeekDanvers 2018-12-11 14:53
Boyfriend? This reality is really messed up. lol I hope we get some nice Danvers sisters scenes.
#2 RE: Elseworlds Finale Sneak PeekFedguy 2018-12-11 13:38
I hope Kara has the spotlight in this one, given she was pretty sidelined yesterday
#1 RE: Elseworlds Finale Sneak Peekjacksc01 2018-12-11 12:42
Looking forward to tonight's episode and seeing all of the superheroes (SuperGirl, SuperMan, Flash, Arrow and their teams - would have also been nice to see Batgrirl) battling for justice. If tonight's episode is as good as last night's then this is going to be a blast. As I said in a previous posting, last night's episode was excellent and the chemistry between all the actors has been terrific.

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