Damage Sneak Peeks

Time for an all new Supergirl Monday! In tonight's episode, Kevin Smith returns to direct his third episode of the Girl of Steel. Also returning is Morgan Edge, now with a new plan of attack against Lena Luthor. If Morgan couldn't buy Catco, then launching a negative PR campaign against her and the lead bomb she created to rid Earth of the Daxamites might be the next best thing. Check it out in the sneak peek below:

If you wanted to see what the sisters are like when they are both kicking butt and working on the same team, then this sneak peek is for you! The Danvers girls foil a hijacking of a prison bus just in the nick of time!

We'll add new sneak peeks and the inside look if/when they become available here. Let us know what you thought of the sneak peek in the comments below and in the forum! Visit the support page to keep us advertisement free as well!

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#16 RE: Damage Sneak PeeksDraftingDrafter 2017-11-06 16:02
Quoting SunYew8290:
I wonder if we're going to see Winn's reaction to the lead poisoning, he helped create the device after all.

I hope so. He's very much a part of this narrative so I hope they don't just gloss over his involvement.
+1 #15 RE: Damage Sneak PeeksSunYew8290 2017-11-06 15:45
I wonder if we're going to see Winn's reaction to the lead poisoning, he helped create the device after all.
#14 RE: Damage Sneak PeeksSupergirlFan109 2017-11-06 14:48
dang Supergirl is a bada**!
#13 RE: Damage Sneak PeeksRomulus 2017-11-06 14:30
Very nice! Looking forward to tonight's episode. Only a couple of hours before the action and mayhem begins! 8)
#12 RE: Damage Sneak PeeksKET1 2017-11-06 13:44
Quoting Kelly:
Sooooooo is Alex unhappy about the breakup???? and Kara is letting her work out her frustrations??????

Kind of seems like it, doesn't it? Or perhaps Alex hasn't spoken to Maggie yet, out of continued reluctance....we'll find out soon.
+1 #11 RE: Damage Sneak PeeksKelly 2017-11-06 13:41
Sooooooo is Alex unhappy about the breakup???? and Kara is letting her work out her frustrations??????
+3 #10 Sister momentsJordan 2017-11-06 13:33
Loving all sister moments this season never had much of it last season.
+2 #9 RE: Damage Sneak Peeksjacksc01 2017-11-06 13:28
I love love love it when the Danvers sisters are fighting together to stop the enemy and this season has been giving us so many sister moments I could hug the writers. I think that we aren't use to seeing such a serious SuperGirl so it's getting use to a non-smiling supergirl. The old SuperGirl would have laughed in that bus scene and said to Alex "I'm so proud of you" as they both grinned at each other. I am hoping that as the season progresses SuperGirl will smile more (which she has been doing as Kara) - we'll see, either way Thank you writers for giving us these sister moments.
#8 RE: Damage Sneak PeeksTriggy 2017-11-06 13:19
YeS I'm liking the second video (in the bus). That look on Supergirl's face as she emerges at the front: I'd be scared if I was at the receiving end!

Great to see the sisters working together again!

Also they seem to have edited out that scene where SG punches that prisoner to sleep. It's all Alex doing the punching now. It's better that way in my opinion.

Haven't watched the first video yet.
#7 And did anyone notice?RobertAnthony 2017-11-06 12:59
Looks like the Galaxy Broadcasting System (GBS) is still in operation. That’s where a certain CK once worked at a Metropolis TV station named WGBS.

And now to go Winn Schott here...

Ironically, and in real life WGBS was the call sign of Supergirl’s current station in Philly on analog channel 57 back in the day as a third independent station (or second once channel 29 WTAF/WTXF went to Fox along with WPHL 17 the now My Network station).

WGBS changed its calls to the current WPSG in 1995 when Paramount Stations Group bought the station from Grant Broadcasting System (not Cat but Milt Grant). This would make WPSG a UPN owned station (remember UPN?).

Currently it's owned by CBS and operates alongside KYW-TV CBS 3 which was Supergirl's season one home. WPSG id's itself as "The CW Philly 57", which harkens back to their days as Philly's "Super" Station in the 80's.

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