Crisis On Infinite Earths P1 Recap

This is the largest grandest crossover effort ever done! Additionally, it's a story that will leave the multi-verse entirely different! The repercussions of this Crisis will be felt across shows, networks, and possibly even future shows! There is going to be a lot to cover and break down! This is essentially a dream come true for all DC fans everywhere! Guest stars we never saw coming, old shows revived for another few scenes, actors we've loved and haven't seen in a while. Your jaws may be on the floor still and we are wowed right along with you but we'll do our best to break it all down! Here's what stood out to us:

  1. Crisis Has Already Started: Earths across the multiverse are vanishing! Burt Ward's Earth is gone, Michael Keaton's Batman world is gone, and only more and more are disappearing! We join Clark and Lois in Argo city where Clark is learning how to change diapers. Kara tries to warn them that the antimatter wave is on its way and Clark and Lois only have minutes to put baby Jon into an escape pod, just as Clark was sent from Krypton! The wave hits and Argo is gone!
  2. A Team is Gathered: Harbinger is crossing time and space to gather The Monitor's team. Heroes strong enough to stop the coming crisis. On the team is Supergirl, Martian Manhunter, and all the heroes on Earth 38. Additionally, The Flash, Atom, White Canary, Oliver Queen and his daughter join. They are all taken to Earth 38 where they will make their stand. A quantum tower bursts from underground National City. Harbinger says it's the only thing that can save the citizens of Earth 38. Just then Flash, Atom, and White Canary arrive at the DEO.
  3. Jon is lost: Superman's son gets sucked into a wormhole and is sent to Earth 16 Star City 2046. Lois, Brainy and White Canary offer to go get Jon so Superman can stay and help protect the tower. The tower is being threatened because the Anti-Monitor will bring his army to stop the heroes from using the quantum tower. Then, Supergirl goes to comfort Superman who is losing hope. They speak about how they've shared Krypton with the people of Earth 38 and they celebrate the Kryptonians! Never lose hope, which is Kara's biggest super power. Then Oliver gifts Mia her own Green Arrow suit and Barry and Oliver go to discuss their pending deaths. Oliver calls on The Monitor to explain why Barry thinks he is going to die if Oliver traded his life for Kara and Barry. The monitor notes this crisis is too big to bank on guarantees.
  4. Retrieval of Jon: Earth 16's Oliver is still in Star City trying to save a very doomed Star City. He's gone a little crazy. He is, however, still a hero and when he comes across a pod with a baby in it, he saves the baby. Jon is reunited with Lois. Supergirl, Superman, and the Flash head to stop a possible tsunami caused from earthquakes and Oliver and his team head into the tower to defend it. Alex asks Lena for help in building an escape plan and after sharing a few insults she agrees.
  5. The Battle is Lost: The Anti-Monitor simply has too many shadow warriors to keep the tower safe. Supergirl and Superman head to the top of the tower and try to power it with their heat vision. This only allows the wave to slow but not stop. The Monitor appears and starts taking his most valuable assets (the heroes) back to Earth 1. Oliver says now and shoots an arrow at the Monitor stopping him from being able to send Oliver away. Oliver stays and fights until the last ship is through the portal.

In the final moments of the show, Oliver is brought back to Earth 1. His fight helped save an extra 1 billion people. Only 3 or so billion people from Earth 38 made it to Earth 1. Nash arrives, now Parriah and it is revealed that he was the one that freed the Anti-Monitor. Oliver then dies back on Earth 1 surrounded by the other heroes.

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+2 #30 RE: Crisis On Infinite Earths P1 Recaparagorn 2019-12-11 16:03
Oh man this was a lot of fun to watch. Loved that the ep felt like a Supergirl episode packed into the Crisis crossover. Kara and Kal-El’s scene was so damn good. It really showed how incredibly strong Kara is. A hell of a ride that can fully keep up with the cinematic movies
+1 #29 RE: Crisis On Infinite Earths P1 RecapLittlegoldfish666 2019-12-10 14:56
So Alex pretty much hit the nail on he head when she admitted to Lena that they all lied to her. I know I wouldn't be happy if I found out all of my friends were let in on a big secret and I was left out. With someone of Lena's upbringing it'll be 100 times worse as she has a hard time trusting to begin with. With good reason mind you. But SHE saved billions of people. Will she get the recognition she deserves? Hell no. They'd still only see her as a Luthor. No matter what she does they always see her as a Luthor first and foremost. Is it any wonder she's starting to wonder if it's even worth fighting against it any more? I do hope they can reconcile though, but I hope Lena doesn't cave too easily, that she makes them work for it. Earn it
#28 COIE PART 1 RATINGS ADJUST UPCatPat 2019-12-10 08:40
Supergirl adjusted up from .6 to .7 demo rating. Same as Flash did for Elseworlds last year in the same timeslot.
#27 COIE PART 1CatPat 2019-12-10 07:03
I wonder if Earth 38's version of Chloe Sullivan and her wall of weird made it to Earth 1. Spoken of but not seen on Supergirl... I'd like to see a new incarnation of that character with a different actress.
+2 #26 RE: Crisis On Infinite Earths P1 RecapLibertyPrime 2019-12-09 16:27
Holy crimson skies of death!

I loved it.

They ratcheted up the stakes right away with Earths 89, 9, X, and 66 within the first 3 minutes.

The Kara I've missed for most of this season showed up--strong, brave, and clear-headed. It was a great showcase for Melissa and she really brought her A-game.

Lena is so mired in narcissistic self-pity, she made saving half her world's population seem like the act of a petulant child. The writers seem fully committed to making her come off like a jerk.

I always enjoy seeing the interactions between the heroes.

And then having to say goodbye to Earth-38 and Oliver Queen! :o

I did take one star off for the evacuation of Earth-38. Three billion people successfully escaped in a fleet of alien ships that were somehow lying about at the ready?

All in all, a heck of a first act.

Just over a half hour to wait for Part 2 as I type. Kevin Conroy! Brandon Routh in the cape again!

I may swoon. :D
+1 #25 RE: Crisis On Infinite Earths P1 Recapmuckle9999 2019-12-09 14:52
I thought it was enjoyable and easy to follow and l will be tuned in tonight. I thought the Kelly scene could have been left out and served no purpose. Once again the lovely Lena saved BILLIONS with her genius and gets a pass for her attitude. Alex helped a bit but if not for her everyone dies. She was the true hero last night and everyone owes her a debt of gratitude.
+1 #24 COIE part 1superbill 2019-12-09 13:45
Fun episode, even for people (like me) not well versed in the other shows or comic canon. Best part was Supergirl as an active hero, not side-lined as in some past crossovers. I hope that continues throughout. I also liked how they used Spike the dragon as the first to sense danger; animals know far more than we think! The special effects were top-notch.

Melissa and Tyler killed it in their balcony scene.

Lena's determination to wall herself off will have to end at some point, and maybe the crisis will be the tipping point for her. Alex saved her from falling debris this time, but if Lena doesn't shape up there might not be another save next time. Right now she needs a solid rhetorical slap upside the head.

Looking forward to Part 2 tonight!
+1 #23 COIE part 1CatPat 2019-12-09 12:48
Quoting Kiwi:
One performance that I enjoyed from the episode was Brandon Routh's as Ray Palmer/Atom, good fun. Definitely looking forward to seeing Brandon's Kingdom Come Superman.

Looking at the TV Ratings ( I notice listed at 9pm was Crisis Aftermath, did anyone watch this and can share what it was?.

Yes... the scene where he asked for one of BW's batarangs and then started ramblin was quite funny... Mia was right... he sure talks a lot!
#22 COIE part 1CatPat 2019-12-09 12:45
p.s. I watched twice to see what i missed. It was a great comeback after the lackluster TWoRK.
+1 #21 COIE Part 1CatPat 2019-12-09 12:42
Very good luck off. Shocking they killed Oliver in part 1. I assume he'll be resurrected or Ollie from E16 will crossover.

Lena was a hard pill to swallow. As much as I like Katie, I so wanted Alex to smack Lena.

I am hoping another version of Alura pops up... perhaps we lost Argo but will gain Kandor....

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