Crisis On Earth-X Parts 3 & 4 Recap

Welcome back for parts 3 and 4 of Crisis on Earth-X! It was only yesterday that we were watching and recapping how our heroes fared against their ill-intended doppelgangers and much like an early Christmas gift, we are back at it again today! We'd wish it was like this always, but then we would pass out from exhaustion just doing the recaps, let alone the poor actors probably needing some kind of counseling to keep working at that pace. Nonetheless, we won't look a gift horse in the mouth. Last night we left Kara and our Earth-1 heroes in a very difficult position. Most of the team was taken to a camp on Earth-X and Kara was told that Overgirl needed her heart, literally! Picking right up where we left off, here's what stood out to us:

  1. Red Sun Projector: Kara is trapped and strapped down to an operating table. Here comes Overgirl to explain the terrible circumstances that Kara is in but just as Kara always does, she asks, "You did all this just to get me?". Even facing death, she is appalled that any death was caused in her name. You can tell she would have given herself up if it meant she could have saved even one life.
  2. Citizen Cold: "I'm sorry Kara", are the last words out of Alex's mouth. Just like her sister, when facing death, she is only concerned that she didn't get back to Kara in time to save her. Such strong sisters! Of course, they thankfully weren't Alex's last words as Citizen Cold appears to save the day! Kind of poetic that the once villain on Earth-1 has a heroic doppelganger! Then of course, the reveal of the RAY! More on that soon!
  3. A More Human Kara: Overgirl's conversation with Kara comes at a perfect time in Kara's life. She's been constantly saying she isn't human. Then here comes Overgirl who claims to be a god and Kara's humanity shines through. She tells Overgirl that she would never take advantage of another person for the powers she has let alone should anyone fear her for what she can do. Essentially, she just wiped out the premise of "Man of Steel" in one conversation!
  4. Freedom Fighter General Schott: How amazing was it seeing Winn's potential fully realized! He can be a leader, he can command, and he's strong! Maybe a little too strong though. When Alex goes to try and convince him to let them get back to Earth-1 first, he says, "There are men out there dying for a cause their grandfathers died for". That kind of stress and relentless war would make anyone jump at the opportunity to end the war at the expense of another Earth. It's sad, but we don't blame Winn, ahem er, we mean General Schott.
  5. Alex and Sara Talk Sisters: "You can't take on an army of Nazis alone and scared". Turns out that Sara says that to Alex who was looking for a weapon, any weapon to try and get back to Earth-1 to save Kara. Sara comes in to drop a little sister wisdom on her. Her fears aren't for herself but for Kara and speaking as a someone who as lost a sister, Sara knows she has to get Alex's mind right or she won't be any good to Kara at all.
  6. My Cousin Will Find You: "I fought your cousin once, he was fast, I'm faster". I would pay a lot of money to see that fight! Love seeing that Superman was referenced and that Reverse Flash has been to Earth 38 or vice versa. Don't get me wrong, at this point of the crossover, I feel like it's been perfect and I wouldn't change a thing, but thinking of Superman joining the mix would be AMAZING. Of course, when Reverse Flash has Felicity against the wall, Kara gives herself up to save her life.
  7. Red Tornado: So Red Tornado was on Earth-X but was a toll of the Freedom Fighters! Circumstances made it so they needed to stop him so they could return home. That said, the ensuing fight between Flash, Ray and Red Tornado was awesome! And as a side note, can we just say that Red Tornado was looking a lot better!
  8. Professor Stein is Shot: And likely killed trying to get to Jefferson. This whole time we've been hearing that Stein was excited to retire from being Firestorm and go back to being with his wife, daughter and grandson on Earth-1. Then this tragedy hits. But, as was indicated in the crossover, Jefferson was feeling abandoned by Stein and Stein instead revealed that he thought of Jefferson like a son. Just as any good father, Stein raced to save his son but with tragic ends. On to Part 4.

  1. Stein's Not Dead Yet: After taking a few more shots, Stein is able to get to the portal and activate it. He kills all the Nazi opposition in the process and opens a breach home. The Earth-1 heroes including Citizen Cold and The Ray join them and they are headed for Central City! After merging as Firestorm, Stein gets a bit more time allowing Jefferson to become the body.
  2. Atom To The Rescue: When Eobard Thawne is wearing the Harrison Wells skin he seems more sadistic than usual. Claiming "The sound of metal cutting through bone is my favorite" might have been a bit much! Yikes! That said, The Atom is there to stop him from cutting open Kara and with Overgirl still knocked out from being prepped to receive Kara's heart, they have a very good chance at escaping!
  3. Kara and Alex Reunite on The Waverider: "Fighting the evil versions of ourselves does help put our problems into perspective doesn't it?". Couldn't have said it better! Like we learned in part 2 of the crossover, there isn't a bad place for a sister moment and those two always bring it!
  4. Stein's Sacrifice: This moment had us in tears. "How could a father do anything less". Drinking the vial free's Jefferson from the Firestorm matrix and his body no-longer keeps Stein alive. Speaking from the perspective that we usually cover Supergirl and strong female characters, this was one of the more beautiful male character moments we've seen in the Arrowverse. A father's sacrifice for his son. Then to add to the heart breaking moment, the son (Jefferson) comes to tell Stein's wife and daughter of his passing. It was hard to see the screen typing at this point.
  5. Overgirl's Going Supernova: The more sunlight Overgirl gets, the more she grows her potential for going supernova exploding the entire planet, other planets, and our own star in the process! When Nazi Oliver calls to make a truce, Oliver says the greatest line of Part 4, "I don't abandon my friends", which is something you can only have through cooperation, not ruling.
  6. Final Trinity Fight: Flash vs Reverse Flash, Overgirl vs Supergirl, Fuhrer vs Green Arrow! Barry defeats Reverse Flash after a little struggle but not much. After his time in the speedforce, he is much faster now and those two have much more history ahead of them. Flash lets him go because he doesn't kill. Green Arrow is able to take advantage of The Fuhrer's remorse and gains a tactical arrow advantage. When The Fuhrer turns on Arrow, he lets loose the arrow ending the Nazi ruler's life. Finally, Kara asks Overgirl to step outside. An amazing battle persists and the overexertion of Overgirl's powers fighting Kara lead her to go Supernova. In a moment of panic, Kara pleads to know what to do and is told to take Overgirl "up up and away". The blast knocks her out but the Earth is saved and she doesn't break free of Earth's gravity allowing her to fall back to Earth and be caught by Citizen Steel.
  7. The Funeral: This brought back the water works all over again! Jefferson tries to give the eulogy but instead asks Stein's wife and daughter for forgiveness. The heroes all say their piece and just like that, Stein is gone.

Final wrap ups. Kara and Alex say good bye to their friends on Earth-1. Alex has a new perspective on life as well as Kara. They fought evil versions of heroes and Kara herself. A new appreciation of life and where things could be helps the sisters return anew. After their departure, Diggle is Flashed to Central City to perform a makeshift dual wedding where Flash and Iris, Green Arrow and Felicity get married. From there, we end the Crisis on Earth-X!

WOW, that was A LOT! We'll need to sit and let this all settle in, but clearly this was the best crossover they've done and it was cinema quality! We know you guys are probably dying to give your thoughts! Let us hear your opinions now that you've seen the whole thing in the comments below and in the forum! Also, if you like our site and you want to keep it around and advertisement free, please consider visiting the support page, it really does help us out!

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#47 RE: Crisis On Earth-X Parts 3 & 4 Recap94beyond 2017-12-07 09:59
Melissa was more than fabulous. As I said on various posts Her performance in my opinion stole the entire crossover. Hopefully in the future we'll see more of that having her as #DarkSupergirl as a recurring villain who will forever be a thorn in the side of Kara just as Reverse Flash will always be to Barry. If the show runners could find a way to bring Overgirl back from the dead I'm sure she'd be a villainous character fans would love to see cause trouble for everyone in the DC BerlantiVerse
+1 #46 RE: Crisis On Earth-X Parts 3 & 4 RecapLittlegoldfish666 2017-11-30 13:02
Nooooooo not Professor Stein :cry: I cried, I ACTUALLY CRIED. I never cry from TV shows. Martin :cry:

But minus the attempted wedding and weddings I loved the crosover for the most part. It was so much better than last seasons effort. I'm so glad it was the Danvers sisters that were there. But Martin deserved to retire to be with his family.

I still have no idea how Earth 1 Oliver got Kryptonite or even knew what it was in the first place. Mick is just bloody awesome. He acts like he doesn't care but he does care. But why was Diggle not with the team fighting? They only used him to marry Olicity and WestAllen? As for both couples, well I don't really see any chemistry with either. It fels kinda, flat to me. They don't have that spark to make it work IMO

But I'm loving Caitlyn as Frost. She's awesome

Oh almost forgot about Barry letting reverse Flash go. Is he always gonna be stupid? Why the hell would he just let him go? Sheesh super heroes. They do some stupid things sometimes
#45 RE: Crisis On Earth-X Parts 3 & 4 RecapSuperMatt 2017-11-30 08:59
so the death of Over girl means kryptonians are extinct on Earth X now?
#44 RE: Crisis On Earth-X Parts 3 & 4 RecapTriggy 2017-11-30 06:29
The focus of part 3 (aside from Iris and Felicity's attempts to rescue Kara from death) was Oliver and Barry's group that was stuck on Earth-X and on how they were going to pull off an escape.

I felt knowing that Kara was strapped to a gurney for most of Part 3, she had enough screen time for the story, in my opinion. The conversation between "herself" was thankfully there and that was satisfying.

Quoting SSAV:

However, I did feel that the Kara was a bit under utilised; I mean, I know that Melissa was Overgirl and she was great, but our Kara was not there much in conversations and such; while Oliver and Barry and Felicity and Iris and poor Stein and Jefferson were having many moments and conversations (I don't grudge them these by the way). Alex, I felt was more utilised; especially in part III.
#43 RE: Crisis On Earth-X Parts 3 & 4 RecapSSAV 2017-11-30 05:00

I liked Part III the best. :) Since almost all of it was Alex trying to get back to Kara.

However, I did feel that the Kara was a bit under utilised; I mean, I know that Melissa was Overgirl and she was great, but our Kara was not there much in conversations and such; while Oliver and Barry and Felicity and Iris and poor Stein and Jefferson were having many moments and conversations (I don't grudge them these by the way). Alex, I felt was more utilised; especially in part III.

Melissa was great. (Did I say that already)... And such a beautiful voice.

Also. General Winn; while I applaud Jeremy Jordan's acting, I felt that the way they made him act was a bit weird. I'd rather have had him stand by his decision not to help them than change his mind twice, the second time rather inexplicably. That made no sense and he came across as tyrant. They could have instead went with him being not ready to budge (understandable from where he was standing) and then the team sneaking out and doing their thing.

Also.. Admin. I don't think this generalship is Winn's fully realised potential. They have a world were Winn gets to be care free and do what he loves; where he may be in a leadership position some day but it'd be out of happiness but not necessity. I think our Winn has it much better.
+1 #42 RE: Crisis On Earth-X Parts 3 & 4 Recapvantheman77 2017-11-29 20:54
Something else to notice - when Supergirl told Thawne that her cousin will save her, it turned out to be Brandon Routh who played Superman in Superman Returns as a kind of a nod.
+1 #41 RE: Crisis On Earth-X Parts 3 & 4 RecapAlex 2017-11-29 19:02
WHile I enjoyed it more than the other crossovers there is a problem with these now that was not there in the first season. The CW is not a network most places outside of the US get and these four shows are not all run on the same networks in places like, say Canada as I assume is the same with others countries. This had led to faltering shows like Arrow and Legends being dropped from the few stations who still had them. The only way you could watch all four in a lot of places was to stream it online from illegal streaming sites, which I had to do. I feel Legends won’t last into another season (surprised it lasted this long) nor will arrow (not e e the third rate networks carry it here anymore) and watching an episode you know you can’t see all parts of will just lead to people not watching it at all. For this reason I’m glad this was the best crossover as I feel it may be the last.
+2 #40 RE: Crisis On Earth-X Parts 3 & 4 RecapLaura 2017-11-29 16:04
Im so excited. just found out I won a contest from the local tv station. I get a crisis poster and some other stuff.
+1 #39 RE: Crisis On Earth-X Parts 3 & 4 RecapSully 2017-11-29 15:36
Overall, it was a pretty decent crossover. There were many different things I enjoyed about it and there were some things that fell flat for me. As someone who was needing a fix for a lot of action sequences and the Danver sister duo, I got some of that. There was a lot going on in the crossover, which had both a positive and a negative impact on the crossover as a whole.

Of the two hours for Part 2, I would rate hour one as the better of the two.
#38 RE: Crisis On Earth-X Parts 3 & 4 RecapGreen Stuff 2017-11-29 15:00
Just finished watching it and loved every second going to watch it again tomorrow. I enjoyed Justice League but was far more invested in this. They should edit it all together, through in a few special features and put it out on iTunes and give the money to a Christmas charity :-)

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