Crisis on Earth-X Parts 1&2 Recap

Last year, we had an epic television event that included characters from all four shows consisting of the "Arrowverse". The only way to top that was to create a true four- way crossover event that felt incredibly more cohesive and more of a cinematic experience than four episodes of TV featuring characters from each show. The crossover this year didn't even have the original show openings, but instead, a new Crisis on Earth-X opening that finally tied together the whole experience for us! Speaking of amazing experiences, here are the experiences that stood out most to us in parts 1&2:

  1. Evil Oliver Kills Earth-X Guardian: We've been hoping for more characters from Supergirl to be represented in the crossover and while Kara and Alex were the two represented the most, seeing an alternate Guardian was pretty cool too! Unfortunately, and rather shockingly, he didn't last very long. So, we were excited to see him, but wished he was around a bit more.
  2. RSVPs Are Missing: Sometimes these jump-into-action scenes are the greatest. We get a wonderful point of view of all our heroes being heroes in their respective ways. Just a run of the mill King Shark interaction with The Flash, Arrow takes out a band of rogue ninjas, Legends are traveling time filling in for Robin Hood, and our Girl of Steel single-handedly takes out last year's crossover villains, the Dominators.
  3. Sisters on the Couch: Just about every fan of the show we know loves these moments with the sisters on the couch! The crossover did do a nice balance of referencing what was happening in each show yet still getting them on the path for a stand-alone adventure. Next thing you know, Alex and Kara are on their way to Earth-X!
  4. First Tease of Overgirl: On Earth-X we have the evil villain doppelgangers preparing to use their dimension shifting tech for the first time and while it feels like Oliver is running the show, the look and fear on everyone's faces when Overgirl appears is priceless. She is clearly feared as the most powerful in the group. All that only from her boots and a little bit of her cape.
  5. Barry Asks Kara to Sing: What a sweet sentiment for Barry to ask Kara to sing at his wedding. And even more so, it's the song that Iris walks to! Incredible and quite an honor. Since the first crossover on CBS, Barry and Kara's chemistry as friends has been a highlight every time we see them share a scene.
  6. Alex and Sara: Well, the taste of scotch seems to have another effect as well. After several drinks and a bit of conversation, Alex and Sara seem to have a bit of a one night stand! At least that's how it appears for now. We'll be watching the future parts of the crossover to see if this develops more. That said, it was pretty cute how Alex recapped the evening to Kara. Oh, and special note that Kara sleeps in a sleeping bag floating off the ground! Such a cute touch to Kara and her abilities.
  7. Kara Sings Barry's Song to Iris: Anytime we get to hear Melissa Benoist sing is a huge win! Grant Gustin did an incredible job in the first musical crossover but hearing Melissa's rendition was a real treat! While Kara isn't in the wedding party, we liked that she had that special honor.
  8. Overgirl Is Revealed: Well The Greatest American Hero didn't last long did he? Overgirl obliterates him with her heat vision! Next, the Nazis invade the wedding! This action scene might have been one of the coolest we've seen! Barry is racing around catching bullets, Kara and Overgirl are going blow for blow, and Alex and Sara are matched for fighting abilities and take down Prometheus X! Also, having listened to the soundtrack of season 2 by Blake Neely several times, we couldn't help but notice the rift used when Superman appears! While he wasn't in the scene, it felt fitting as a nod to the formation of The CW's Justice League! Then, finally, how did they end the fight, why, our Girl fo Steel of course! With the infamous SUPERCLAP! EPIC!
  9. Evil Trinity: Oliver Queen's Earth-X doppelganger, Reverse Flash of Earth 1, and Kara Zor-El's Earth-X doppelganger! That is a pretty powerful set of evil there. It was interesting to note that they referred to Kara as the "Kryptonian" making us wonder the source for Overgirl and her powers. But we now get to move on to part 2!

  1. Tommy Merlin: If you've seen Arrow before, you know that Tommy Merlin is a big deal! Seeing him back is actually pretty crazy! He must have trained under Oliver for years on Earth-X. The Reich seems to have corrupted him more than imaginable and then when he was backed against the corner, he killed himself after revealing how dangerous Earth-X really is.
  2. Evil Trinity Power Struggles: It was amazing seeing the power struggles between the evil trinity. Oliver got a one-up on Flash but Flash could kill him instantly, then Overgirl grabs Flash and says she could break every bone in his body (true) which one-ups the Flash and then they all have to calm down and de-escalate. With Overgirl in love with evil Oliver, he can keep Flash in check. Could their love be a calculated advantage on Oliver's part?
  3. Alex Doesn't Know How To Deal With Her One Night Stand: It was nice that even though it's a huge crossover, they didn't deny what was happening with shows regularly. As odd as it was to see, the sisters had a great moment together in the particle accelerator that Star Labs has. Just goes to show the location doesn't have to be the couch for those two to warm our hearts.
  4. Kryptonite Arrow: Oliver is the first to draw blood and inflict damage on Overgirl. How does he do it? He has a Kryptonite arrow! Because as far as we know, Krypton didn't explode in Earth-1's universe. He would have had to travel to another Earth, likely Earth-38, to get it. We still don't know if this makes us like that Arrow was prepared, or that it shows he might not trust Kara.
  5. Metallo Appears: If Metallo and Overgirl are on the same side, then that is a recipe to capture the heroes. Pretty scary. Now all the heroes are captured and they are going to cut Kara open and take her heart for Overgirl because she's dying! It's insane that she is dying from the very source of energy that is powering her but even more scary that they have our Kara! A terrible cliffhanger for us to leave on. But we only have to wait until tomorrow!

Don't miss this behind the scenes video too. It will add a little extra flare going into the next two episodes tomorrow.

WOW, just amazing! The crossover feels like it's lightyears ahead of last year's. Having it jammed-packed on two nights makes it incredibly thrilling and seeing all the heroes so much makes for a jaw-dropping evening. Let us know what you think of the first two parts of Crisis on Earth-X in the comments below and in the forum! Keep us your advertisement free source for Supergirl news and visit the support page! Join us here again tomorrow for parts 3 and 4 of Crisis on Earth-X!

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#38 RE: Crisis on Earth-X Parts 1&2 RecapSupergirlFan109 2017-11-29 20:07
Ya know if supergirl can do that just by clapping her hands then I wonder what she can do just by snapping her fingers. THE SUPER SNAP
#37 RE: Crisis on Earth-X Parts 1&2 RecapSSAV 2017-11-29 03:37
I forgot to add: Even though I have never seen those shows, I liked the Jefferson-Stein talks and Felicity and Iris friendship.
#36 RE: Crisis on Earth-X Parts 1&2 RecapSSAV 2017-11-29 03:30
So... I rather liked the overall story, and I liked that we have a cohesive storyline while also getting glimpses of where you are in individual shows.

However, otherwise, except for the Supergirl part, I was a bit bored with some of the individual storylines.

Also.. Considering in India, we had a weird telecast where Part I was against Part II (usually, Lucifer; but thankfully, at least they moved Arrow forward or the second part would have been telecast last), I could not rate this. I am a bit sad about that.

I hope, next year, WB negotiates to have all four shows in the same channel instead of having Supergirl elsewhere (I think the contract is from CBS days).
#35 RE: Crisis on Earth-X Parts 1&2 RecapLittlegoldfish666 2017-11-29 01:34
When they were strutting down the corridor heading out for the fight, who else was waiting on someone tripping up :D
+1 #34 RE: Crisis on Earth-X Parts 1&2 RecapColemanMT 2017-11-28 18:02
Finally got to watch the first two parts tonight, on the CW website. As much as I enjoyed last year's team up, this one is soooo much better. And how is Kara going to escape her dire situation?! Tune in tomorrow... (er, tonight).
#33 RE: Crisis on Earth-X Parts 1&2 RecapLittlegoldfish666 2017-11-28 11:13
The beginning was awesome, showing us Earth X first. It looked so cool, but so bad.

I skipped over some of the pre-wedding and wedding stuff and before anyone gets their knickers in a twist I do that with most shows if there are weddings. Weddings bore me to tears.

But I don't really feel it with Barry/Iris, sorry. I feel like Iris is the James Olsen of Flash. They don't really know what to do with her outside of the love interest.

It was an exciting crossover so far though. But how did Oliver manage to get Kryptonite? How did he even know about it?

As for the Alex/Sara thing. I felt that was mostly added to pander to the fans and nothing more

I'd love to ahve seen evil Earth X Lena there. She'd be a total badass. I miss her. That's 3 weeks without my Lena fix :( I hope she's back before the rididulously long winter break

p.s. It is a much better crossover than last seasons attempt
+2 #32 RE: Crisis on Earth-X Parts 1&2 RecapSully 2017-11-28 10:35
Good start to the crossover. The opening scene with each of the superhero's doing their thing was nice to see. Enjoyed the action scenes, especially those in the church and in the warehouse. Good interaction between Supergirl, Flash and Arrow throughout the episodes. The romantic drama that seemed to be fairly heavy in the first two parts was a bit too much for me though. They couldn't have filled the entire episodes with action but, surely, there were other possible choices besides romance angst. Even though I have absolutely no experience with the other shows, one part that really stood out to me was the story line between Victor Garber and his other-half person (superhero guy??). Thought that was well done.

Best parts for me - Kara/Alex couch scene, Alex: "I know you're incapable of putting on weight. Totally resent that." I hear ya Alex :sad:. Also loved the two kicking some major butt.
+2 #31 RE: Crisis on Earth-X Parts 1&2 Recapstarlord 2017-11-28 08:22
Ok i must say this was amazing. I felt like i was watching a movie at theater. Mel again proved what a powerhouse she is, she can do everything and excels in it. Seeing her as Overgirl. Wow so different to Kara and even Red Kryptonite too. Loved every second. Cant wait for ep 3 and 4 tonight for more Mel showing she is boss of all
#30 RE: Crisis on Earth-X Parts 1&2 RecapAlex 2017-11-28 07:47
Ok I didn’t realize the poll was for both episodes but can’t take back my vote. Much better crossover than last year in many ways. The first part was a set up for the rest so I’ll forgive it for being a bit dull. However glad Supergirl will be centre of this crossover as she should be (but I’m biased as I’m a SG fan). Only thing that stoped this from getting near full marks was the increasingly cheap and lousy CGI. I know they are on a tighter budget but they must be using high school CGI students.

Part 2 is what every superhero show should be in balance of drama and action. Now if they can just move that into the regular showgirl episodes.

I’ll take a whack at some plot holes people questioned. “Where did earth one arrow get K?” Well in canon history synthetic K has been created so it’s feasible one on eart one could create it. Note that Nazi SG didn’t have a horrible reaction to it. This could be because synthetic K had never been as strong as the real stuff.

The collars are a bit tricky as one explanation of why they still needed red sun radiation is that the collars are a sort of power dampening device. However not strong enough to make her 100% vulnerable. Just weak enough to keep in cuffs. This would work for explanation however tjen Alex and the other non metas would not need them.
#29 RE: Crisis on Earth-X Parts 1&2 RecapTriggy 2017-11-28 07:46
I've seen a preview of one of tonight's scenes - and Eobard Thawne has the answer why they needed the red sun light. It's plausible, and it explains why they haven't operated on Kara just yet.

Quoting SupergirlFan109:

Also at the end when they had those “collars?” how did it weaken supergirl? If that worked on her then why not just use that instead of some red sun!?

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