City of Lost Children Trailer

Remember this time last year? 20 episodes was all we got! This year we have three more to go (counting this one)! Amazing! So, everything that happens from here on out is because of one person, Supergirl! Or at least that is what Rhea would have you say! Next episode looks like it's going to be filled with some crazy action and we think the final preparations for the big finale are going to be put into place! Check out the trailer below:

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#13 RE: City of Lost Children TrailerKiwi 2017-05-07 12:17
Quoting Kelly:
Three of the shots from this trailer are from Season 1.

I recognise How Does She Do It? (after she's holds up the building) and Red Faced (after stopping the tornado) but can't recall the 3rd (I assume that to be at 00:02 where she's flying and stops).
#12 RE: City of Lost Children TrailerKelly 2017-05-07 10:29
Three of the shots from this trailer are from Season 1.
#11 RE: City of Lost Children TrailerChucky 2017-05-03 12:12
This looks excellent Definitely setting up the explosive season finale
#10 RE: City of Lost Children Trailervantheman77 2017-05-02 13:07
Last few episodes focused on Kara's relationship with the others such as Lena Luthor, Snapper Carr, and Maggie Sawyer. Here it's either Kara/ Mon-El or Kara/ James.
#9 End of Catco?Triggy 2017-05-02 05:05
I wonder if Catco will be rebuilt after this? I could sense the possible reason why Cat Grant will be back near the end of the season, and why Ian Gomez is a regular for another show next season.

If the show shelves Catco, that will be a big change indeed.
#8 RE: City of Lost Children Trailerjacksc01 2017-05-02 03:09
Looking at this clip from the episode, it is not Guardian centric which is a real plus since the Guardian character is okay as a background subplot but not as a major plot. Will look forward to seeing what the episode delivers which is not always what it promises or has the potential to deliver. Best case scenario - we see SuperGirl kicking butt and doing her thing.
#7 RE: City of Lost Children TrailerKiwi 2017-05-02 01:27
Quoting RobertAnthony:
And it already at least from the trailer has a shirt rip, which means a bonus point.

I think the episode already gets 5 points out of 10 if they keep that shirt rip in the actual episode (there was 1 episode in Season 1 where they showed a shirt rip in the trailer but it didn't end up being in the episode itself).

A full shirt rip in slow motion, a thing of absolute beauty :-) .
#6 RE: City of Lost Children TrailerFedguy 2017-05-01 21:53
Not too excited for a full episode of James but ok.

Also, still think this season is a tad messy, BUT, I just figured, if you count Mon-El as part of the
Daxamite arc, you could argue the Daxamite arc has been the whole season focus, and CADMUS was more like Dr Alchemy on The Flash. But still, it was hard to discern.
#5 RE: City of Lost Children Trailervantheman77 2017-05-01 19:27
This doesn't look James-centric and shouldn't be since it's very close to the season finale.

How much you want to bet that James as Guardian will save Supergirl by using his suit's lead on Rhea?

I don't want Lena to turn heel either as we have an evil Luthor in Lillian.
#4 RE: City of Lost Children Trailerjacksc01 2017-05-01 19:04
Looks like the writers are back on track in giving us SuperGirl action packed episodes. I look forward to this one and hope that SuperGirl will continue to be front and center in the remaining episodes and that this trend will continue into season 3. The more SuperGirl action and the less subplots the better.

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