City of Lost Children Sneak Peeks

Tonight's new episode of Supergirl is going to set the stage for a great many things! Cat Grant's return, Superman's return, Daxamite Invasion, the return of the President, and many more! But adding to that is "what does this mean for Guardian"? We've seen that James might be concerned that his alternate identity isn't inspiring hope like he wants. From this first sneak peek, we can see why that might be the case, check it out below:

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#3 RE: City of Lost Children Sneak PeeksGene Steinberg 2017-05-08 17:41
There's an easier solution. If the producers show him working alongside Supergirl, they can depict people accepting him as a friend and protector. Or have CatCo happen to publish a photo of Supergirl shaking his hand. I realize the producers aren't listening to me, but it's a thought.

#2 RE: City of Lost Children Sneak PeeksRomulus 2017-05-08 13:27
Nice. Thanks for posting. 8)
#1 RE: City of Lost Children Sneak Peeksjacksc01 2017-05-08 13:22
I feel sorry for Guardian in this clip because his heart is definitely in the right place. The woman was probably afraid of his costume and his voice. I'm hoping that if he does go the route of the DEO that they can tone down the scariness of his costume and in working with them, make people realize that he really is there to help. I was thinking, Kara is a reporter and a superhero with the DEO, why not have James with a day job at Catco and a superhero with the DEO. As I've said before, it's hard to tell which way the writers may go; however, which ever way they pick (Guardian vs no Guardian), James the character, IMO, needs to be kept in the series.

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